NBPA: Brandon Ingram Q&A

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA -- Four-star wing Brandon Ingram breaks down his recruitment at the NBPA Top 100 Camp.

Four-star wing Brandon Ingram breaks down his recruitment at the NBPA Top 100 Camp.


You mentioned Coach K saying things about you that you didn't even know about, what did he say to you that you didn't know about yourself?
Just that he knew how versatile I was, how special I could be. He told me my strengths and my weaknesses and everything else.

There's a lot of talk that you were a Duke fan growing up, is that an accurate report ?
Yeah, that's right, I was a Duke fan growing up, but I don't think that will affect my decision.

What was it about Duke that caught your eye?
The way they play in transition. Of course, I like to shoot the ball and they get it out.

What was the in-home visit experience like for you with Duke?
It went very well. Off the court, Coach K is a very down-to-earth guy and you wouldn't think the personality he has that he does, it was great. Actually, it was Coach K and Coach Capel who came and we met with my mom, dad and my high school coach. It went great, it was a great, great scene, and I felt like everything was very truthful.

What did they present to you... what did the conversation center around?
Aside from the scouting analysis they did, they shared how Duke's a great school, everybody loves you, everybody loves the basketball players, everybody loves the campus, just the academics, people say they are very hard but we know I can do the work, so it wouldn't be very hard for me, it was well-rounded.

How was the offer presented ?
It was in the in-home visit. It started out by telling me how good of a player I was and then they said that's why we are offering you a scholarship because so and so, you are good, you are a good player and we would love to have you and we think you would fit real good in our system.

In the grand scheme of things, how much does the Duke offer affect your recruitment?
I mean, it affects me, but I still haven't narrowed anything down. It was a school I liked growing up, but I'm going on what's best for me now and the players that i could play with.

Obviously we've talked a lot about Duke and UNC in this group interview, but NC State has been involved in your recruitment, where are things standing with you with them?
Yeah, I would say with Coach Gottfried and Coach Moxle, I have a really good relationship with them.

Coach Moxley texts me a lot, but I wouldn't say it's an annoying amount. He's a great, great guy, and he has very high character.

Coach Gottfried, we've been talking a lot, trying to get up on a visit. Actually we were trying to get up there this week for an unofficial, but I came to the NBPA Camp. We're trying to schedule an unofficial visit soon so they can show me some tape of how they see me fitting in and so I can see the practice facility.

What's your thoughts on their style of play and the potential roster situation?
I like their style of play. I have seen them play one time this past year, but in the past I have gone to many games. I like how they get the ball up the floor and run and they run their plays through the hot man, especially this year with T.J. Warren, and they want me in that spot. They are recruiting me in that spot.

Is every school recruiting you to play wing forward, or are some recruiting you as a combo forward?
Nobody is recruiting me to be any certain position. They see the versatility in me and they are saying, like Coach K came down and told me that every great player doesn't play in just one position, he's saying I would be all over the court.

With you being recruited by Duke, NC State and UNC-with the rivalries amongst their fans, can you help them understand what's it like for you as a recruit as you figure out how much you like each program?
I can kinda help them out by saying that they are all great schools, between each one of them, something is going to have really pop out and everybody has presented well and they all have presented fairly and all 3 are really great schools.

What's the next steps for you Brandon... how's the rest of your process unfolding?
Next step is to narrow my list down here soon. It's going to be a Top 5/Top 6 around of end of June and then try to make my decision around August.

So it doesn't sound like you need to take any officials then since you want to decide in August?
A little bit, kinda in July my schedule slows down. I only have like two tournaments in July, so it won't be very busy during the time when I make my visits.

Do you feel like you have any unanswered questions with any of the schools recruiting you?
A little bit of concern, little personal things, me with Kansas, me with Kentucky, just with narrowing things down, taking unofficials. I think I can get my questions answered and as they come from the head coach at Kansas or Kentucky or wherever I go, it's fine. Those two are the only schools recruiting me that haven't offered.

Are you hoping for a Kansas or Kentucky offer before you make a commitment?
Of course, when I narrow this list down, that will be the potential question I will ask myself.

If you get to the point where you want to narrow your list down and Kentucky and Kansas have not offered, are they likely to be left off your final list?
You never know, it depends on my research and everything else. It could be or it could not be.

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