Welch Making Senior Season Transfer

Donovan Welch had some serious decisions to make regarding his academic and athletic future. While Welch has not made his college decision, he has made a move that he believes will aid him in his quest to be a major college offensive lineman. The talented offensive lineman made the decision to transfer from South Lake High School to Montverde Academy.

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"I just feel like this is the best move for me," said Welch. "I mean it's hard leaving all of my friends that I have been with all of my life, but I have to make some decisions that help my future."

Welch reports that his decision to transfer was clearly motivated by his desire to ensure he can succeed on the college level.

"They have really good academics over at Montverde and I need that," said Welch. "I feel like they will push me and get the best out of me.

"I feel like it's going to help me do better in college.

"I am going to be on my own next year and I think I need to do this to prepare me for college.

"I know I have some things that I need to work on and I think being at Montverde gives me the beset chance to do all of that."

Summer workouts have begun and Welch is taking part as he gets to know his new teammates.

In just over seven months, Welch will be finalizing his decision to be on his third different roster in three years.

"I am still not sure where I am going to go to school," said Welch. "I still like Mississippi State and South Florida a lot.

"I haven't had the chance to see a lot of the other schools, but I would like to do that.

"Things could change. Everybody is still an option."

One of the advantages for Mississippi State is the Forestry program, Welch's projected major.

The Bulldogs had invited Welch to make a return visit to Starkville this summer, but those plans remain in limbo.

"I am not going to be going to the Big Dawg camp," said Welch. "I am still rehabbing a torn labrum, so I can't do any drills at any camps.

"I am working hard to get ready for the season and I don't want to do anything that sets me back."

Welch reports that he is not certain when he will make his college decision, but he is not expecting it to come before the season opener.

"I figure I will do it after the season, but I am not sure," said Welch. "I like the schools that have offered me and I just need to see how things go this season.

"I am just not ready to make a decision yet."

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