Robert Washington, Jr. Talks Recruiting

In an exclusive one-on-one interview with Gene's page, class of 2016 running back Robert Washington, Jr. talks about his recruitment. (Photos provided by Robert Washington, Sr)

  • Name: Robert Washington
  • Classification: 2016
  • High School: SouthLake Christian Academy (Huntersville, NC)
  • Position: Running Back
  • HT: WT: 5-foot-10, 205
  • Ranking: 4-Star
  • Schools Of Interest: Colleges throughout the nation

  • ** - Photos provided by Robert Washington, Sr.

    You are just now going into your junior season. On we have listed 39 schools that are showing interest in you and 31 of them have offered you. How difficult is it to deal with that much recruiting attention so early in your high school career?
    "It is not difficult dealing with it because my dad helps me with it by keeping the college coaches from interfering with my lifestyle. I'm only 17-years-old, so I'm still a kid. I'm only a junior in high school. My dad helps me keep my life separaed from college recruiting. That has really helped me.

    "(As for the offers) it is really humbling to know that 31 schools have offered me and I'm still only 17. Thirty-one schools have invested so much money in me by offering me a scholarship. They have invested so much money in me at such a young age. That is just a blessing."

    They have not only invested money in you by recruiting you but when you visit a college you see how much money they have invested in their football program, something that they want you to be a part of.
    "Yes sir, you get to see that when you go on the college trips. You see how much money they have invested in football players alone. (The Leo Seal, Jr) building is just for football players. That shows you how much money they are investing in you in addition to the scholarship."

    I know that you have unofficially visited Mississippi State. What other schools have you visited and plan on visiting?
    "I have visited Tennessee, Clemson, Notre Dame, West Virginia, North Carolina, NC State, Ohio State and some other places. I might also visit Florida on July 14th. That will be my last stop for the summer.

    "I'm doing this because I plan on coming out with my top-15 in August. I want to see the schools, get to know the coaches, get to know the head coaches, see their campuses. That way, I will have seen the schools, which will make it easier to cut my list down to 15 schools."

    Why do you want to cut your list down to 15 schools when you still have two years left in your high school career?
    "I plan on graduating early, so I'll be an early enrollee. Because of that, my process is sped up a little more than everybody else in my class. Once I commit, I then want to be able to get ready for the academic part of my college career, and also get ready for the physical part of my college football career. I may also be able to sit down with my college coach and learn some offensive plays. Offensive plays in college require you to not only run but block and catch. Due to that, I have to learn the running game, the blocking game and the passing game. That will require a lot so I want to graduate early and get a head start on all of that."

    Going back to you visiting colleges, you mentioned some things that you want to learn. Explain that in a little more detail.
    "Really, I want to see if I can see myself at that college, living in that state, can I see myself being coached by the running back coach, do I see myself enjoying being around the campus when football season is over with, can I see myself walking around with my classmates when it's not gameday and Saturday night after a game, meet my (future) professors. That's really what is going on when I visit the colleges and I'm deciding to cut my list down."

    You are so young. How do you know to look for things like that? Is it partly due to your dad?
    "Yes, he has a lot to do with it because he raised me to be this mature. Just talking to him and some older guys who have gone through this process makes it easier as well."

    The above interview was specifically about Robert Washington's overall recruitment. If you haven't seen the earlier article that I did that included a video of him talking about his visit to Mississippi State, click on the video below for those comments.

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