Myers Prepares for Repeat Run

Cameron Myers was one of the first 2015 prospects to commit to Coach Dan Mullen and his staff. Myers has drawn interest from several other programs since making his pledge, but has remained steadfast in his decision to be a Bulldog. With the Big Dawg camp approaching in two weeks, Myers is eager to get to Starkville and get to know many of his future teammates.

Cameron Myers profile

"Things are going great with Mississippi State," said Myers. "I am headed up there for the Big Dawg camp, but I am not sure what to really expect.

"I have never been to a camp like this one, so it will be different.

"Coach (Tony) Hughes is still on me real hard and they show a lot of love.

"I am excited about getting up there."

As one of his home state's top players, Myers has a certain level of visibility among his peers.

With the high profile expected for a state champion, Myers has used his notoriety in the Magnolia State to reach out to many of the state's top prospects.

"I stay in touch with a lot of the other recruits," said Myers. "I message with Farrod (Green), Malik Dear, Jarvis Wilson and a few others.

"We're all talking about the big things we're going to do up there at (Mississippi) State the next few years.

"I know everybody is excited about the future and about getting up there next year."

Before he puts on the Maroon and White next fall, Myers hopes to have the best season of his prep career wearing the Black and Gold of Oak Grove.

"I can tell you I'm ready for the season," said Myers. "Summer workouts have been going great and everybody is getting better.

"A lot of people think we're going to be down this year, because we lost so much from last year.

"I am not listening to any of that, because I know the defense is going to be on point and I know the offense can be great.

"I think people are going to be surprised."

Myers reports that the perceived lack of respect for Mississippi's 6A champions is a motivating factor for the returning squad.

"We are trying to go get this repeat," said Myers. "We sort of have a chip on our shoulder, because people are doubting us.

"I know we have the chance to have a great time and a great season and get back to Jackson.

"I can't wait for the season to get here.

"I'm ready."

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