100% Bulldog

Keith Joseph made his decision to be a Mississippi State Bulldog. In the weeks since making that declaration, Joseph has found a new level of clarity about his future. The days that have gone by since following his heart to Starkville have only affirmed the talented defensive end's commitment to Coach Dan Mullen and his staff.

"Since I committed, most of the other schools have pretty much been quiet," said Joseph. "I am not hearing much from anybody else now.

"I have still talked to a couple of the coaches that I got close too when they were recruiting me, but that's been it.

"Southern Miss and Louisville have both told me that they are still going to be there if I change my mind or if something doesn't work out they have a home for me."

While Joseph appreciates those sentiments, he reports his determination to be a Bulldog has only strengthened in recent weeks.

"I am 100% Bulldog," said Joseph emphatically. "I just feel at home up there and I feel like I'm following in my father's footsteps.

"He played here at Pascagoula and then went on to Mississippi State.

"I feel like he laid the foundation for me and now it's my turn to do something with it.

"I always feel at home up there and I am ready to get back up there."

Joseph will be one of several talented play makers on campus for the Big Dawg camp later this month.

"I can't wait to get back up there," said Joseph. "I am looking forward to everything, but mainly I want to be there to recruit.

"We need Javon Patterson, Gabriel Campbell, Fletcher Adams, Jamal Peters and a few other players to come on and be Bulldogs with us," said Joseph. "I want to talk to them about coming to Mississippi State and all of this working together to do something big.

"They need to be Bulldogs."

The three star defensive end reports that his decision to be a Bulldog had a lot to do with his future position coach, David Turner.

"I love Coach Turner," said Joseph. "He is such a great man and he is sort of like a father figure.

"I have my father, but it will be nice to have another man like Coach Turner to talk to and to help me when times get tough.

"I can't wait to play for him."

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