Class of 2015 Elih Marrero Update

Class of 2015 baseball prospect Elih Marrero and his summer travel team coach, Richie Palmer, talk about Marrero as a player and also his recruitment.

  • Name: Elih Marrero
  • Classification: 2015
  • Position: Catcher/Outfielder
  • Ht: Wt: 5-foot-9, 190
  • Bats-Throws: S/R
  • High School: Coral Gables (FL) High School
  • Schools of Interest: FAU, FIU, Miami (FL), Mississippi State, USF

    Palmer has seen a lot of great players come through his travel team organization and he believes Marrero is one of the best that he has had.

    "He is probably one of the better athletes and better ballplayers that we've had in our organization," said Palmer of the organization that has produced 150 college signees or commitments since 2009, including numerous players who have signed or committed to Miami, Florida State and several SEC schools. "He's one of the more advanced kids that we've had, mentally and preparation-wise. He understands the game. I think that he has learned a lot from his father (Eli Marrero), who played in the big leagues (for 10 years). He's also one of the hardest working kids as well.

    "Whicever school that he chooses, I think they are going to be extremely happy with him. I also see him being a fan favorite wherever he goes."

    Palmer elaborated on Marrero's ability as a catcher and hitter.

    "His strengths as a catcher are his leadership ability, how he works with the pitchers and how he can catch and throw with the best of them," said Palmer. "And something that you don't see very often from a catcher, he can also hit leadoff for you. He sets the tone for us, not only by what he does at the plate but on the bases. He'll turn a single into a triple very quickly. He's a terror on the bases. You don't see a catcher who is your best baserunner.

    "When you watch him play enough, you realize that this kid knows what's he doing on the field. I think a lot of that has to do with him working with his father. They are very close."

    Obviously, based on the number of college coaches showing interest in Marrero, they agree with Coach Palmer's opinion of Marrero.

    "There are several schools showing interest in me, Miami, FAU, FIU, Mississippi State and USF," said Marrero. "FIU starting showing interest in me at the start of my sophomore year. FAU started talking to me this year. And the rest of them started having conversations with me this year."

    Mississippi State is the latest school to show interest in the talented 2015 catcher.

    "I think Mississippi State started showing interest in me after Memorial Day, right around Perfect Game Nationals (which was played June 12-16)," said Marrero. "I talked to (MSU assistant) Coach Nick (Mingione) on the phone two days ago. He came to watch me play (in a game at the 17u WWBA tournament). We had a game at 10 pm and he watched me work in the bullpen before the game. I didn't even know he was there watching me. We finished that game between 11:30 and 12, then we had another game the next morning and he wanted to see how I bounced back. He said that I bounced back even better (than he expected)."

    The head man of the Bulldog program, head coach John Cohen, was also on hand to watch Marrero.

    "(MSU head coach John) Cohen was there, too," said Palmer. "They were there in full force. Coach Cohen came up to me when I had to (go somewhere) during the game and he told me that he saw from the very beginning that Elih was very serious about baseball. And Coach Mingione, who was with him, asked if he calls his own pitches. They like their catchers calling their own pitchers so I decided to let Elih call his. Usually, we call the pitches but he's advanced enough so that he can call his own."

    Marrero, due to the interest that MSU is showing in him, plans on visiting the campus in a few days.

    "We are driving from (the 17u WWBA tournament) Saturday morning and visiting Mississippi State that afternoon," he said. "We are going to see the campus and everything about their program."

    He's looking forward to learning more about the Mississippi State baseball program.

    "I can't wait to see Mississippi State," said Marrero. "I know that they have a really good program over there. Coach Mingione said that we are going to be able to see everything. And if I (sign) there that I am going to see a lot of fans at the games."

    Keep it on and as we continue to follow the recruiting process of this very talented member of the class of 2015.

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