MSU 2015 Commit Brant Blaylock Update

Mississippi State 2015 commitment Brant Blaylock talks about the new low-seam baseball that was used at the 17u WWBA and will be used in college baseball next season.

  • Name: Brant Blaylock
  • Classification: 2015
  • Position: Outfielder
  • Ht, Wt: 6-foot-2, 185
  • High School: Desoto Central (MS) High School
  • Summer Travel Team: Dulin Dodgers
  • Schools of Interest: Committed to Mississippi State

    Hitting-wise, Blaylock likes what he has seen from the new low-seam ball.

    "The two-seam fastball runs a little more inside, but, as a hitter, that is easier to adjust to than having to adjust to a hard slider," said Blaylock. "The breaking balls don't move as much. You can pretty much sit on the curveball now because it's not going to move as much."

    Defensively, as an outfielder, it took about an inning for him to get use to it.

    "It definitely carries a lot more and line drives seem to come off the bat a little harder," said Blaylock. "The balls hit in the gap, you can't run straight toward them now. You have to take a deep angle with them. I realized that my first game. I took off with my regular angle, then I realized that the ball was carrying more, so I had to angle back. I did get to it, though."

    Although he will be a hitter/outfielder when he plays at Mississippi State, he has had the opportunity to pitch using the new low-seam ball. He explained the effect that it has on his pitching.

    "With the new ball, I pretty much grip it as a two-seam (fastball) and throw it as hard as I can," said Blaylock. "My curveball has always been really good so it still moves a lot although not as much as it used to (with the high-seam ball). Due to that, instead of starting the curveball behind them, you start it at their front elbow, then it will break right on the inside corner."

    Overall, he's very happy with the new ball.

    "I'm excited about the new ball," said Blaylock. "I like it a lot more than I liked the high-seam balls. It makes you feel more professional (because it's similar to what they use in pro ball)."

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