2015 MIF Commit Luke Alexander Update

2015 Mississippi State baseball middle infielder commitment Luke Alexander of Belmont (MS) High School, and Dulins Dodgers, gives his thoughts about the new low-seam baseball.

  • Name: Luke Alexander
  • Classification: 2015
  • Position: Middle Infield
  • Ht: Wt: 5-foot-10, 175
  • Bats-Throws: S/R
  • High School: Belmont (MS) High School
  • Summer Travel Team: Dulins Dodgers
  • Schools of Interest: Committed to Mississippi State

    As a hitter, the main thing Alexander has seem from the new ball is the difference in movement, both from the fastballs and off-speed pitches.

    "I have noticed there is more movement on the (fastballs) and the break of the (off-speed) pitches aren't as sharp as they were with the high-seam ball," said Alexander. "I have also noticed the ball seems to be harder coming off the bat and is carrying a little bit better."

    Despite the difference in movement and the carrying of the ball when hit in the air, Alexander doesn't see the new low-seam ball affecting his hitting since he's not a power-hitter who hits a lot of fly balls.

    "Hitting-wise, I'm more of singles guy, a line drive guy who hits a double every once in a while. I'm not a home run hitter so the flight of the ball doesn't affect me," said Alexander.

    During the 17u WWBA tournament, Alexander has seen more curveballs than fastballs.

    "I was hitting leadoff most of this summer and was seeing a lot of fastballs, but they've put me in the three-hole for this tournament so I've seen a lot of curveballs," said Alexander.

    Whether he's seeing curveballs or fastballs, he's still doing the same thing that he was doing when he was facing pitchers throwing the high-seam ball.

    "Really, you just let your instincts kick in," said Alexander. "There is really not enough time during a game to adjust, so you just have to let your instincts kick in. You just react to the pitch."

    Defensively, the ball hasn't affected him much as a middle infielder. Although he has seen one benefit that no one has mentioned in any article written about the new ball.

    "The new ball doesn't really affect me in the infield," said Alexander. "Actually, on groundballs you probably don't get the bad hop as bad as you did with the higher seam ball because I haven't seen any bad hops nearly as high as I used to."

    He's also noticed one other difference with the new ball, when he takes it out of his glove after fielding a groundball. But even then it doesn't affect him.

    "I can tell when I grab the ball out of my glove that it feels different because there is not as much seam to grip but it doesn't really affect my throwing," said Alexander.

    Like several of his future Bulldog teammates, Alexander was invited to the prestigious Perfect Game National Showcase tournament in Ft. Myers, Florida in mid-June of this year. He considered it an honor to be invited to the event.

    "It was special being invited to it because you are playing against the best, the top 200 to 300 guys in the nation," said Alexander. "Everybody is the best. When you are batting you know you are probably facing the best pitcher from his state, the best guy from his area for sure. Because of that, every at-bat is a challenge. But that is what you will see in the SEC every game. So, it's getting you ready for that. You have to be more focused, be relaxed and have fun."

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