Big Dawg: Deddrick Thomas

Deddrick Thomas has made the rounds the past few weeks. The Memphis, Tennessee product had the honor of attending Nike's The Opening where he helped lead his team to a 7-on-7 championship. Shortly after his return from the Pacific Northwest, Thomas was headed to Starkville to take part in Mississippi State's Big Dawg camp.

Deddrick Thomas profile

"I had a great time at the Opening," said Thomas. "I felt like I did pretty good up there.

"We may not have had the best team on paper, but we all felt like we had been playing together in high school.

"We had some good players and everybody worked hard to get the win."

Thomas reports that he enjoyed competing with some of the nation's best at the Nike headquarters, but the chance to bond with future teammates at Mississippi State was an experience he will always remember.

"Big Dawg camp was an awesome experience," said Thomas. "This was the first time we were all together as commitments and we got a bunch more commitments while we were there.

"Just before we went to meet the president, (Dr. Mark Keenum), we found out Jamal (Peters) had committed and then another one and another one.

"It was all real exciting and we all got to know each other a lot better."

While Thomas may not have been familiar with many of his other verbal pledges, they all knew who he was before the night was over.

"I had a lot of fun in the one-on-ones and I was happy I could show them what I could do," said Thomas. "I had a lot of people talking to me and telling me they were looking forward to playing with me.

"I was getting tired and I was done taking reps and then Coach Gonzales called me out there as the best receiver for the last rep.

"I knew I couldn't let him down, so I went and I made the play for the offense to win.

"It was exciting, because everybody was watching and after I made the catch they all came running out there to congratulate me.

"It was an amazing feeling."

After an impressive summer, Thomas could see more schools take another look at him as a possibility for their 2015 classes.

The Central High School product reports that his recruitment for all intents and purposes is over.

"Man, I'm solid," said Thomas. "I know Mississippi State is where I want to be and just being around all of the other commitments, I just know that we're going to take that program to a new level.

"Things are headed in the right direction now, but I know we're going to be one of the top teams in the SEC the next few years."

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