Campbell Still Fishing

Unseasonably cool temperatures greeted Mississippians this morning. Yazoo City star Gabriel Campbell made the most of it and is doing his best to enjoy the outdoors as much as he can before the grind of his senior season begins. The talented defensive end has a reputation for catching quarterbacks, but this morning Campbell had his hooks around a different type of catch.

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"Can you hang on just a second," asked Campbell. "I have a fish on the line."

The talented pass rusher paused the interview to unhook the morning's bounty from last night's trot line bait settings.

"Yeah, I got a catfish and that's what I'm fishing for," said Campbell. "I am running lines out here not far from the bottom."

The rising senior pass rusher is just as willing to take hunting and fishing as he is football.

A young man of down to Earth passions, Campbell is one of Mississippi's top available football prospects.

Offers from around the region have come over the course of the past several months, but the three star standout reports that a decision is not coming anytime soon.

"I am probably going to wait until after the season," said Campbell. "When I do it though, I am going to just call the coaches and tell them and put it out on twitter.

"I am not sure when it's going to happen or where I'm going to go yet.

"I am just praying about everything and taking my time.

"When I gets down to the end, I am going to sit down and talk about everything and then make my decision."

Ultimately, the decision will be Campbell's, but he reports that he will seek the counsel of some who have been with him long before he had the chance to play big time college football.

"I talk with my parents about everything and I know they have my best interests at heart," said Campbell. "When I decide though, I am going to be listening to my girlfriend a lot.

"She knows what I really want out of all of this, so I am going to be talking with her a lot when I pick my school."

Campbell denies a leader and considers everyone even at this point, but he reports that a trio of schools appear to be making him a priority in their recruiting efforts.

"Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Oklahoma are probably recruiting me the hardest," said Campbell. "They're all recruiting me pretty hard, but those three are probably doing the most.

"I am just keeping everybody even right now, while I figure out which school is the best one for me.

"I am going to see how things go with the season and then I will probably make my decision then.

"By then, I should have a chance to figure out where I need to go."

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