Bill Martin Talks SEC Network

Mississippi State Assistant A.D./Media Relations Bill Martin talks one-on-one with Gene's Page about the upcoming launch of the SEC Network.

The SEC Network is just a few days away. What is happening at MSU as you prepare for the launch of the new network?
"We are just a few days away from the launch of the network on August 14th. The network is gathering content right now. It's an exciting time for all 14 schools involved in the SEC, especially here at Mississippi State.

"We are actually bringing in the network Thursday and Friday. And they will be doing all-access pieces with our football team. They'll be gathering footage for a 30 minute all-access show that will run on the network. They are actually traveling to all 14 schools and all of the schools will have their own all-access show on the network.

"In addition to that (show), they will provide coverage from what they will call the SEC Film Room. They'll come here and sit down with Coach (Dan Mullen) and go over plays, maybe review game film. Each school will also have one of those shows.

"There is a lot of exciting content being produced. It's not just going to be football but all of our sports. It's a great opportunity for all of our student-athletes. They deserve this type promotion.

"On August 14th the SEC network will be available in 90 million homes. One of the things you can look forward to is they are going to go live from each of the schools. We are working on some details for that right now. So, tune in on August 14th to see what those are."

While the SEC Network will be showcasing the content, each school will really be producing a lot of the content that will be shown on the network. How big of a job will that be?
"To get the infrastructure off of the ground we have had to create our own video department. That's not just for the SEC Network but also for us to tell our story on We are fortunate to welcome Benny Ashford, who has been around here and worked for the university for a long time. We are excited to have him. We also hired Drew Walker from Auburn. He is a very talented guy. He's already done a great hype video for us. We also have Derek Cody aboard. They are going to bring a lot of experience and expertise to help us out from a video standpoint.

"All of the sports games will be on the linear network or through the digital platforms. And we are going to have to produce that content. Benny will oversee that operation. It's a big job and something that we have been working on for well over a year. The training has been going on all summer. The content that we will provide online will look like an ESPN production because of the equipment that we have, the graphics packages."

Other than the games, what are some other things that fans will be able to watch on the network?
"You'll see the all-access piece and the SEC Film Room show. You might also see that for basketball. Obviously, there will be a lot of network type stuff such as the Paul FInnebaum show. You'll see an SEC Nation Show, which is similar to College Gameday. They will be on campus at Mississippi State, although we don't know which game yet. That is just a taste of the content. There is still a lot of development going on. It's a 24/7 type operation, so there has to be a lot of content."

The SEC Network just announced that Will Kollmeyer will be announcing the play-by-play for Ole Miss on the SEC Network. Is Mississippi State going to do the same thing? If so, will you hire a couple of people or more than two?
"Be on the lookout on for an announcement soon. We have hired some people and we are still hiring. I think our fanbase will be pleased as to who we have onboard."

How many people will you eventually hire?
"Probably 4 or 5 since the sports overlap."

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