ScoutTV: Taveze Calhoun Interview

ScoutTV: Mississippi State junior cornerback Taveze Calhoun talks to the media about the cornerbacks, the MSU defense and the MSU team overall.

What are your thoughts about the cornerback position going into this season?
"We've got a lot of depth. We just have to continue to work as a unit to get better. We have to take advantage of every opportunity during training camp and get our chemistry together. But I think we have looked pretty good so far."

A lot of you came in when Deshea Townsend came in, although you were already here. But a bunch of young guys had to get used to it. How do you think everybody has acclimated to Deshea?
"I think we have acclimated real good. He knows us, we know him, so our relationship is good. We all have a personal relationship with him, too. So, I think it is real good. I think we have a good overall relationship (with him) as a whole."

You look across the field and see Jamerson Love on the other side. You two are different (type leaders). You are more vocal and he is more of a lead-by-example guy. Do you think it is good to have two different leaders with two different styles (of leadership)?
"Yeah, I think everybody is a leader in their own way. I'm a little more vocal and he's a little more of a leader-by-example. It's good because everybody gets to see different styles of leadership and different ways to follow. So, I think it is good."

You say you are more vocal. Is that something that you have always had or is it something that you have developed during the years you have been at Mississippi State?
"I have always kind of been vocal. I always try to be positive. I try to encourage a lot of guys. That's the main thing because it gets hard in training camp. I try to be positive so the young guys don't get down. That is why I speak a lot."

Deshea Townsend is not just a coach. He's also a guy who played in the NFL for several years. How do you look at him as a coach since he has played in the NFL, a place where you probably want to play some day?
"I see him as a coach but I also see him as a mentor, too, because he has been where everybody wants to go. So, he knows exactly what we need to do to get there and how to be successful in the league."

You kind of burst on the scene last year. What do you think your ceiling can be this year?
"I think the sky is the limit. I think the defense, as a whole, if we continue to work together, the sky is the limit for all of us. Not just me but all of us. We just have to continue to work."

There has been a lot of hype about the team and the defense. What have you seen from this team that makes you believe it is going to live up to that hype?
"I think we have fun together. We go out there and play for one another. We don't worry about who gets the glory. I think what makes us special is we all have one common goal, and that is to win."

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