ScoutTV: Jake Thomas Interview

ScoutTV: Mississippi State redshirt freshman offensive lineman Jake Thomas talks one-on-one with Gene's Page.

You really look much better than you did in high school. How much weight have you gained and how much body fat have you lost?
"I started at 31% body fat and now I'm 21% body fat. I came in at 305 and now I'm at 310."

You are bigger and have less body fat. Can you tell the difference in practice when you go against the defensive linemen?
"You can definitely tell the difference in the off-season and you can tell the difference when you are trying to move around and make plays. It helped out losing a little bit of that baby fat."

Who have you been doing against in fall camp?
"Mostly lately, I have been going against (senior) Curtis Virges and against (freshmen) Braxton Hoyett and Cory Thomas."

Describe the difference between going against a veteran compared to going against two freshmen?
"I guess the older guys are more technically sound and the younger guys rely more on pure athleticism. So, you kind of go against the technique that has been taught for the five years that Curtis has been here to (guys) who are (just) coming out of high school. I'm not knocking the freshmen because they are great athletes but you can definitely see the difference going against them compared to going against Curtis."

They are going through what you were going through as a true freshman last season. You know what they are going through right now.
"Oh yeah, it's not scout team anymore. You don't get the leeway of getting beat a few times. Now, you have to be on top of everything when you go against them."

Think about that. You are not redshirting this year. You know you are going to get to play. How excited does that make you feel?
"It gives me a different mentality going into camp this year. You have to be excited knowing that you are going to be an SEC athlete now. You have to become an asset to the team now."

Why do you believe you are ready to get on the field this year?
"Looking back at high school I was sloppy. Now, I'm more technically sound. (Coach) Hevesy demands perfection. So, if I can get close to it, then I'm doing pretty good."

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