ScoutTV: Cole Carter Interview

ScoutTV: Mississippi State redshirt sophomore offensive lineman Cole Carter talks one-on-one with Gene's Page.

Cole, what did you weigh in high school and what do you weigh now?
"I was about 270 to 275 in high school and I'm about 294 now."

And that is mostly muscle, isn't it?
"Yes sir."

How do you feel you have progressed as a football player thanks to that added weight and muscle?
"I definitely think dropping the fat pounds and adding the muscle pounds has helped playing in the SEC. It has definitely helped me as a blocker when I go against Chris Jones and Nick James in practice."

I guess you feel like you have accomplished something when you can stop them in practice?
"For sure."

What have you learned in practice by going against those two? You probably won't go against many as good as those two in a real game.
"You definitely learn to not only use your arms but you back and your hips, bend your knees and get your hands on them quickly because they will put a move on you."

Do you feel like you know a lot more after being at Mississippi State for two years?
"Coming into my third year, I definitely do feel more confident in my playbook especially with the help from the older guys. I feel better about knowing the plays and running the plays. I think I have come a long way."

How much more confident do you feel in yourself as a player now that you have a year of playing time under your belt?
"Getting a year of experience on the field last year has helped my confidence a lot. And getting in the film room and weight room has helped my confidence overall."

Coach Hevesy usually says the third year is when an offensive lineman starts to really contribute. This is your third year. Do you feel like you can become a major contributor to the offensive line this year?
"Oh yeah, hopefully. All that I can hope for is that I'm ready when he calls my number and be a good teammate."

Do you keep your full beard as a way to try and intimidate your opponent? (Laugh)
"(Smile) The beard and the hair is kind of my trademark. I have never really thought of it as being an intimidating factor. It's sort of my own personal look."

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