MSU Commits Impressed With Stadium and Fans

The Mississippi State baseball commitments are impressed with the new baseball stadium and the fanbase that will be financing the new stadium.

Mississippi State's athletic director Scott Stricklin and MSU head baseball coach John Cohen unveiled what people nation-wide are saying will be the finest college baseball stadium in the nation when it is complete.

Obviously, the Mississippi State fanbase is excited about the future home of MSU baseball. And there is a another group of people who are just as excited, the future Diamond Dogs, the Mississippi State baseball commitments. Below are comments that I received from numerous commitments.

2015 Commitment Kale Breaux - "What a blessing it is for Mississippi State fans and players to get to experience an unbelievable stadium coming to Starkvegas. The fans truly deserve this new stadium, I've never seen a fanbase as committed to a program as Mississippi State baseball fans are."

2015 Commitment Luke Alexander - "It is unbelievable, awesome. To not only be playing for the best team and atmosphere in the nation but now the best field, it just shows us commits how much it means to them to have the best facilities around. They are true fans, the best fans in the nation. It only makes me want to work even harder than before because I want to bring a national championship to such an awesome fan base and beautiful stadium."

2015 Commitment Konnor Pilkington - "The field looks incredible! Taking the field and making it into more or less a Major League field is just amazing. It's pretty cool seeing all of MSU's fans contributing to the new field because that shows how big MSU baseball is to everyone! I think it's a great thing what they are doing with the field. And it will allow more people to watch MSU baseball. It's a pretty neat deal!"

2015 Commitment Parker Ford - "I personally think it's great. It shows how supportive the fanbase is at MSU and how big baseball is there. I'm excited to see it when it is finished."

2015 Commitment Jared Padgett - "Coach Mingione let me know yesterday that he would send me a link to the information on the field, which he did of course. I opened it and looked at the opening picture, which was the stadium overview of the add-ons and the reconstruction. I was blown away. It made me even happier to know that I have committed to the best college baseball program in the nation. I was stoked without question. And from a future Bulldog point of view there are not any other fans like MSU fans. I witnessed that on my visit. I had the opportunity to mingle with many of them and the best part about it was we played Vanderbilt and showed what the atmosphere, both players and coaches were capable of. It's great to know that the MSU fanbase runs with the best in the world. The new stadium is something that everyone who has put in so much for Mississippi State deserves. It's great to be a Bulldog!"

2015 Commitment Delvin Zinn - "When I first saw the stadium I thought it was the most beautiful thing that I've ever seen and that I'm blessed to be apart of it! We have the most amazing fanbase in the country! They believe 100% that we will win it all!"

2015 Commitment Brant Blaylock - "I absolutely love the new stadium project. It's second to none in the SEC, or the country for that matter. I'm looking forward to winning some Super Regionals on it!"

2015 Commitment Jake Mangum - "My jaw dropped when i watched the video (of the new stadium). It's something recruits in high school will be drawn to. It already is the best college baseball experience. Now they truly are re-setting the bar that they had already set. The best baseball fans in the world deserve to have the best stadium. I cant wait to see it!."

2016 Commitment Ryan Cyr - "The field is going to look awesome! This just shows why I chose to come here and play in the best baseball facilities in the nation. It just shows how much baseball means to MSU. It's gonna be a better environment to play in and will help get everybody out for support! All of this is just awesome!"

2017 Commitment Jack Owen - "The new stadium looks amazing. The whole layout is really cool. To think I'll be playing there in a couple years. The fact that MSU is willing to put that kind of money into the program is outstanding as well. Also, I've seen videos with the fan support shown and it's incredible. The fans are so into it and that may be the most exciting thing about it all."

2016 Commitment Riley Self - "It is amazing the amount of support the administration and fans have for this program. It's like we are one big family building our home. The fact that they are willing to have the best stadium in the country in Starkville, MS, home of the future national champions, is just amazing. Can't wait until I get to play there."

2015 Commitment Greg Pickett - "I think it is really cool that the fans and administration at MSU are that committed to the baseball program."

2015 Commitment Keegan James - "I think the new stadium looks absolutely amazing. And with the Left Field Lofts, it's going to make the (Left Field ) Lounge that much better. The entrance to the park is going to be beyond awesome, and so is the new video board! This really shows you how much MSU baseball is loved around here. Raising 40 million isn't going to be easy, but with the tremendous fanbase that State has, I honestly don't think it's going to be a problem. I believe that our maroon and white bleeding fans will find a way to get this amazing stadium built! This also means more cowbells!"

2017 Commitment Hunter Milligan - I watched the video of the new stadium and to say it's impressive is an understatement. The building behind left field gives fans a new perspective to watch the game. The stadium is mindblowing! I'm counting down the days 'till I get to play on it. I think it speaks volumes for the fans to commit to such a major project for MSU baseball. It shows community support and dedication to MSU baseball. As far as the administration, I think they have recruited some of the best players out there and this is their way to show they believe MSU has the best baseball team out there."

2017 Commitment Hans Crouse - I think it is awesome! It is about MSU fans showing even more support to the baseball team! How you can even build on a stadium that hold more than 15,000 fans is incredible. But I know MSU will do a great job and it makes me even more excited about my commitment!"

2017 Commitment Tyler Lasch - I think it's a huge commitment towards the program and it shows the willingness of the fans and the administration to do what ever they can in order for us to bring the championship home to MSU. I saw a couple models of the planed stadium and I think it will be one of the top stadiums in College Baseball and I can't wait to play there."

2015 Commitment Hunter Stovall - "I think it is awesome that we are going be be playing in a stadium like that. And it is great for the fans too because they get to sit in it and enjoy it! I committed to Mississippi State for the coaches and the atmosphere and now all of that is going to be 10 times better!"

2016 Commitment Mitchell Miller - "I think the stadium is an amazing new addition to the tradition and passion at MSU. For the MSU fans to help do this makes me that much more happy that I committed to Mississippi State. I think this field is going to bring tons of people to our games and it's gonna make the atmosphere in Starkville that much better. I think this backs up all the talk you hear about how much baseball means to people in Mississippi. Everyone here at the USA NTDP has asked me and (2015 MSU commit) Konnor (Pilkington) about the field and they've said how sweet it is. I can't wait to one day play on that field and in that atmosphere."

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