ScoutTV: Jay Hughes Interview

ScoutTV: Find out a little about the personal side of Mississippi State senior safety Jay Hughes in this one-on-one Gene's Page video interview.

We are about to talk to Mr. Quote Machine himself (laugh). The reason I say that is because I heard you had a good day quote-wise at the SEC Media Day. I'm going to bring up some things that you said. You talked about the expectations of this team this year, the stadium. What are your thoughts about the stadium?
"Oh man, it is a castle. I think it represents royalty when I look at it. I just look at it as being royalty. I look at it as being the best. It's really state-of-the-art. When I look at it, I say dang, we go to all of these other stadiums all of the time and I really haven't seen..."

There are two jumbotrons in the stadium. You don't see that.
"You don't see that anywhere else. It's a castle. It's royalty."

What does it mean to you as a football player that the fans and the athletic department built something like that for you guys?
"To me, as a player, I think it raises our standards. It raises our expectations. And it tells us that people believe in us. They believe in what we are doing. They believe in how far the program has come. And I think that is a stepping stone as to what is going to happen here in the future."

You mention people believing in you. We are doing this interview in the Leo Seal Jr. building. This is another building that was built for the football players by MSU fans.
"They love us. I had an opportunity to meet them and I say thank you to them every time I see them. All the support means a lot to us. It shows us that there are people who care about us. There are people who see that we are doing great things with this program."

You have really high expectations, don't you? Where do you want to go and who do you want to see?
"I'm trying to go to the White House."

As the president or to meet the president?
"Both. I tell my teammates all of the time let's go to the White House because I have this suit. It's a three-piece suit. You'll love it. It's a three-piece suit, pinstripe, kind of a tannish color. And I really don't want to wear the suit anywhere else but the White House. So, I am really looking forward to that."

You know what going to the White House means for a college football team, don't you, it means you have won something?
"You are national champions. That is what we are striving for, what we are working for. That is our goal."

To achieve a goal like that you have to have the talent, experience, depth, leadership and work hard. Do you feel like that combination is on this Mississippi State team?
"We have a lot of potential, a lot of potential. Coach Mullen tells us all the time that we need to be practicing at a championship level. No matter the circumstances, how hot it is, how tired we are, if we can perform at a consistent championship level, then there is nobody here that can stop us when we are at our best."

When I look at you and listen to you I see a coach in the making. Is that a goal of yours whether you make it or don't make it in the NFL some day?
"I really do see myself coaching. And it's not even specifically because my dad is a coach. He's done a great job with me teaching me the ins and outs of coaching. I got out there for a couple of the Little Dawg Camps this summer and I had a blast doing that. I really would like to coach."

You like the interaction with the kids and players, don't you?
"Right, right."

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