In Person Eval: Chris Stamps

Warren Central's Chris Stamps entered his senior season as Mississippi's top corner back prospect for the 2015 signing class. In a season opening 38-6 win over Terry, Stamps had a solid showing. The Vikings are looking to make a deep run into the post season this fall. Their trek began on a positive note this past Friday night.

Chris Stamps

Warren Central High School

Vicksburg, Mississippi



Scouting Report:

The first thing that stands out about Stamps is his size. He has very good length, which makes him very difficult to throw over.

Stamps does not use a traditional back pedal, but appears to be extremely comfortable using the slide step technique.

The three star standout played both jam and off coverage at different points of the game, but he appears to be a player who likes to get his hands on the receiver early in the encounter.

The opposing quarterback did not throw to Stamps side many times, so on the ball plays were somewhat limited.

On the opening possession of the second half, Terry elected to throw underneath Stamps to allow their receiver to catch and run for the first down.

Stamps played off coverage on this play and squatted just inside of the first down marker, kept the play in front of him and then fired down hill on the receiver jarring the ball loose and forcing a punt.

A very intelligent player, Stamps has the makings of a long term starter on the college level.

His length, athleticism and feel for the game makes him a very intriguing prospect with an elevated skill set not often seen at his position in the Mississippi high school ranks.

Self evaluation:

"There were a couple of plays on offense that I should have made.

"I had a couple of drops that I know I should have had, but I know I will make those later on in the season.

"On defense, I feel like I played pretty good. On that out route, I saw him breaking underneath.

"I worked on my closing speed all summer, so when I saw it I was able to just rely on my instincts and go make the play.

"I want to improve on offense and eliminate those drops. I know later in the season those plays have to be made.

"In a close game, I have to make those plays at crucial times.

"It felt good to see the second team defense have a chance to get out there play.

"It shows us that we did our jobs and that we put the team in a situation to win and that our coach felt confident enough to put the second team defense in to finish them off."

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