In Person Eval: Keith Joseph

Keith Joseph is one of the top college football prospects on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and one of his state's top defensive ends. The three star standout took on Ocean Springs high school in yet another battle for bragging rights among two of the coast's top football programs.

Keith Joseph Jr.

Pascagoula High School

Pascagoula, Mississippi



Scouting Report:

Keith is a very intriguing prospect. He has the potential to play linebacker or defense end depending on the team need, but he appears to be very comfortable with his hand on the ground.

Joseph saw most of the action flow away from his side, but he worked hard to pursue and made some plays working the backside pursuit.

Other times, Joseph saw both the tight end and the fullback on his side in an attempt to impeded his path to the quarterback, but in most cases he was able to penetrate the backfield.

Joseph has a very explosive first step and has the potential to be a difference making pass rusher.

Even when the ball gets out, Joseph ensures that the quarterback knows he was a step away.

Unlike a lot of high school prospects, Joseph does not have a lot of work to do to round his body into college playing shape.

He is very well proportioned and is ready to add the mass needed to handle the punishment of SEC line play.

It was difficult to get a real sense of how well Joseph plays the run, because they simply did not run to his side.

He does a good job of setting the edge and not allowing the play to leak outside and break containment.

Joseph forces the action back inside where he has some help to get the ball carrier on the ground.

Self Evaluation:

"I believe I played a good game. I feel like I played up to my potential, but we didn't come out with the win.

"I saw pretty early they weren't running to my side. I read my keys pretty well, but I made a couple of mistakes. I just tried to come back on the next play and go 100%.

"I saw they were bringing help to my side on passing downs. The tight end was going down and the fullback was going out.

"They tried to go low, but I just used my club move and was able to get around them and get some pressure on the quarterback.

"I want to get better at everything every week. I want to do better getting off the ball and reading the blocks better.

"I just want to help the team as much as I can. I believe we have a great team with great coaches and we have a lot of heart."

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