Prescott Brothers are Bulldog Family

Peggy Prescott was a familiar face in the Haughton High School football stands. The mother of three sons, who all went on to enjoy varying levels of success on the gridiron, Peggy was among the team's most dedicated fans. If one of her sons was on the field, Peggy was in the stands cheering them along in both victory and defeat. The Prescott sons will begin their first season without her this year

"My mom was always there," said Thad Prescott the oldest of the trio. "It's funny, she always had the same seat.

"She was always there for me and both of my brothers at every game.

"She didn't miss games and she always wanted us to do our best.

"That was important to her."

Thad, Jace and Dak said goodbye to their mother last year shortly after Dak returned to Starkville after a game at South Carolina.

"Jace and Dak were already in the room when I got there," said Thad. "They were telling me that I had to be the big brother and keep it all together for the family.

"I was ready for that responsibility.

"One of the last times I got to visit with my mom, she told me that she hoped that she had loved us enough to keep us altogether."

"I will remember that for the rest of my life."

The brotherly bond was already a very strong one, but it soon became something entirely new.

"I don't know any brothers that are closer than me and my two brothers," said Prescott. "We all have our initials tattooed on each other.

"We look out for each other and we have to look out for each other more than ever now.

"That's what mom wanted."

Young men have few fans more loyal than their older brothers and Dak Prescott is no exception.

"I have always known he was going to be a great player," explained Thad. "When he was young, I would have never thought he would have been a quarterback though.

"When he was playing pee wee, he was a linebacker and a fullback.

"He was hurting some of the other kids and they asked us if we were okay with them moving him to quarterback, because he scared the other kids.

"They moved him and he just took off from there.

"He didn't really get to play with kids his own age until he got into high school and now college."

A backyard football encounter proved to be another memorable moment in the Prescott family football story.

"I guess Dak was about eight years old and he was out there playing with all of us older guys," said Thad. "I think we were all about five or six years older than him.

"He was on the opposite team from me and I picked off a pass and was headed for a pick six.

"I started high stepping and holding the ball out and taunting him.

"He caught up with me and he knocked the ball out of my hands and then recovered the fumble.

"It's crazy man.

"I remember thinking then that he just understood the game of football even at that age."

As the youngest Prescott son matured, the football stakes only got bigger, but according to his eldest sibling, Dak never backed down from the moment.

"There has never been a stage that was too big for Dak," said Thad. "The bigger the moments were, the bigger he played.

"I remember his senior season against Parkway, he had knee injury and he couldn't run and do the things he normally did.

"He was playing against his biggest rival, but he found a way to win.

"He couldn't beat them running, so he sat back there and threw five touchdown passes.

"He has always had the confidence he needed to win.

"Dak just won't be beat. He won't let anyone outwork him and he won't let anyone beat him in anything."

As a sophomore, Prescott prepared to be a situational quarterback spelling Tyler Russell as the need arose.

In the season opener, Russell gave way to injury and Prescott was forced into action.

"Dak was exposed to a lot last year," said Thad. "He went from a situation where he might not even play to being forced into the game and trying to comeback and win.

"He had to sort of just sit back there and fire and try to get the game back, so that was a tough situation."

The next week, Prescott earned his first college start in the SEC opener against eventual SEC champion Auburn.

"I felt like he was ready to go and you could tell from the first snap that he was more comfortable," said Thad. "He was able to be more of a dual threat than to be forced to throw it most downs.

"I feel like Dak did enough to win the football game.

"Mississippi State should have won the game, but Auburn had a few fluke things happen last year that helped them.

"They scored with basically no time left, but you have to give them credit for making the play.

"I felt like we should have won that game."

Prescott would go on the champion the Bulldog offense and show State fans just what the Mullen offense could be with a signal caller who could both run and throw.

Shortly after the loss of their mother, the Prescott brothers had some decisions to make.

Thad Prescott reports that there were never any discussions about Dak missing a road date at Texas A&M.

"The media sort of suggested something like that might happen, but we never even considered him not playing," said Prescott. "As soon as things calmed down and we had the chance to be alone, I asked him about what he had seen from A&M on film.

"We talked about football stuff and about our family, but we never talked about missing a game.

"My mom wouldn't have wanted that.

"Dak and I laughed about how my mom would have been upset with him missing that one practice he did miss."

Prescott went on to lead a valiant effort at College Station, but the win was not to be.

Battling through an injury, Prescott returned to action leading the Bulldogs to a come from behind win over Ole Miss and a Liberty Bowl blowout of Rice.

The off season saw long time Bulldog offensive coordinator, Les Koenning, return to his alma mater, Texas.

Prescott's new position coach would be Mullen disciple Brian Johnson of Utah.

"Dak is always bragging on Coach Johnson," said Thad. "He tells me about what a great relationship they have and about the things he has him doing to get him ready to play.

"I know he's real proud of his footwork.

"He's really worked hard on all of that.

"I know Dak is excited about playing for Coach Johnson.

"I can't speak about what type of coach he is, but I know what kind of man he is.

"I had the chance to sit down and eat crawfish with him and his wife and we spent Easter with them.

"I know from a personal standpoint Coach Johnson is a great person."

While Koenning and Johnson have put some college polish on the Bulldogs' talented signal caller, it was older brothers Thad and Jace who got the Dak Prescott wagon rolling.

"He doesn't need much advice from me now about football," chuckled Thad. "We talk as brothers every week and we talk a lot before the games.

"We just try to encourage him and show him that we love him and support him.

"He has the football side of it all down now.

"We're just brothers now and we're proud of him."

Peggy Prescott has a club level seat in Heaven now

Her loss is still felt by her sons and it always will be.

Thad reports that the outpouring of support from the Mississippi State family for he and his brother has been overwhelming.

"You know the main reason Dak went to Mississippi State was because they talked about family and he simply felt at home there," said Thad. "He went on a visit to LSU and as soon as he got back, he told me that he knew Mississippi State was where he needed to be.

"He said that LSU recruits talent, but Mississippi State recruits character and that he just felt at home around all of those good ole boys who had a good time together and played football.

"It's funny. Mississippi State fans have asked to take pictures with me and my brother, Jace.

"They've even asked us to sign things for some reason.

"I just can't explain it, but they've just loved all of us and made us all feel like we're part of the Mississippi State family."

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