Behind the Scenes: Week One

Mississippi State got their 2014 season off on the right foot with a 49-0 blowout win over in state foe Southern Miss. The lid lifting win was a fitting opening for the 100th season of Bulldog football. While much of the on the field events have been well documented there are some things that took place on game day the average fan may not be aware of.

Keep Back

When the Bulldogs took the field on Saturday, they ran between two flame throwing towers of awesomeness that shot flames upwards of thirty feet in the air.

The Mississippi State game day staff makes the rounds before the grand entrance to have on the field media and staffers move to the safety of the iron fence that surrounds Scott Field to avoid any potential issues.

The players themselves are given instructions on just where to run to avoid a potentially scary situation.

As grand as the entrance appears from the stands, it is even more electric on ground level.

For those curious about such matters, the first Bulldog to set foot on the 2014 game day field was running back Josh Robinson followed closely by Florence High teammates and cousins Beniquez Brown and Kivon Coman.

Traffic Control

As you can imagine, there is a lot of foot traffic around the perimeter of the playing surface.

Several media members make the trek up and down the sidelines to claim real estate and better vantage points as the ball moves up and down the field.

There are also a tremendous amount of game day staffers, medical professionals, security details and others with sideline passes who call game day a work day.

During the game, some players return to the locker room for various reasons, but always with an escort from an MSU staff member.

True Maroon

As you can imagine there are several well wishers eager to speak to Coach Dan Mullen as he leaves the field to head into the post game locker room.

Just before going into the tunnel, Mullen was greeted by former Mississippi State safety Zach Smith who congratulated his coach on the win.

Despite being rushed to see prospects, the team and the media, Mullen took a moment to share a moment with the talented Smith.

Smith was one of several former players in attendance Saturday.

Johnthan Banks, Gabe Jackson, J.C. Brignone, Dylan Holley and Christian Ducre were just a few who were on hand to support the team.

A budding reporter?

During Preston Smith's time with the media, running back Josh Robinson slipped in and found a seat with reporters and began asking questions.

Robinson, ever the comedian, was curious if Smith had ever played running back.

Smith was quick on the draw as he quipped back at Robinson that he did play running back at some point in his career, but once he out grew the other kids he moved on to another position.

The rangy defense end's friendly jab at Robinson's height found it's mark as Robinson, despite never being short of words, struggled to find a follow up question.

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