ScoutTV: Preston Smith Interview

ScoutTV: Mississippi State senior defensive end Preston Smith, who intercepted a pass and ran it in for a touchdown, talked to the media after MSU's 47-34 win over UAB.

So, what will you do for your next act? (Preston Smith intercepted a pass and ran it in for a TD)
"I think I'm going to catch it, put it behind my back and then run it in (smile)."

When was the last time you scored a touchdown?
"Probably park ball when I played running back and was still the same size as everybody else."

You told us last week that you have been a tight end. You looked like a tight end on that interception.
"Yeah, I had a flashback when I saw the ball. I thought about my old days, back in my prime."

(Last week, Preston Smith intercepted a pass but didn't score when he ran into one of his would-be blockers, fellow teammate Ryan Brown) Were you looking around for Ryan Brown this time after the interception?
"Yeah, last time he was in the way. This time I tried to run away from him (smile)."

Go through the play where you intercepted the pass and ran it in for a TD?
"I was supposed to drop back in coverage in the same area where I caught the ball. I saw B-Mac (Benardrick McKinney) sack the quarterback and I thought he was going to get the safety but I saw at the last minute he tried to throw the ball up and I thought he was going to launch then I saw it floating in the air. It was just me by the ball so I had to catch it."

A couple of your guys tried to run interference for you.
"Yeah, they did a great job of blocking for me."

How much do you think that helped swing the momentum in your favor? UAB had played a serious first half against you.
"I think it helps the momentum when both sides of the ball is scoring. We helped the offense by not giving up some points and letting them come back on the field."

Coach Mullen said giving up over 400 yards was embarrassing. Does the defense think the same way about that or do you think that you are just happy that you got the win?
"We are all happy that we got the win but he's right, it's embarrassing. That's not our type of football that we play here at Mississippi State. We know guys are more capable of locking down receivers and keeping them from getting good catches on deep balls."

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