ScoutTV: Josh Robinson Interview

ScoutTV: Mississippi State junior running back Josh Robinson talked to the media after MSU's 47-34 win over UAB.

This is the second week in a row where you had over 100 yards rushing.
"I just have to do the little things right and be a better player than I was last week, than I was yesterday. That is what keeps motivating me to keep driving."

Do you feel you were better than you were last week?
"Yeah, I was better than last week but I still don't believe that I played up to my potential."

There were better holes for the running backs this week. What was clicking for the running game this week?
"The o-line did the little things right. That's all that it is about, the little things and taking care of your assignments. When they take care of their assignments, then it is up to the running back to do what he does with the ball."

Both you and Dak Prescott had a lot of carries in the game. How did you guys balance things during the game?
"We knew we were (both) going to get a lot of carries. We just kept a positive mindset and worked well together."

Each time the game got tight you and Dak took the game over.
"That's the boot, the Louisiana chemistry. Man, we just have to stay humble and keep doing what we are doing and we will be great."

This is the second straight week you went 80 yards on the opening drive then struggled a little bit after that. Why do you think that happens?
"I think we must lose a little focus. But like I said, if we do the little things we will get better."

How important is it to do the little things right with the schedule about to become much tougher in the next few weeks?
"It is pretty much warmup games before you hit the SEC schedule. That is pretty much what you need beforehand."

What do you think the offense has to do to become even more proficient?
"The little things. It's all about the little things. Great players do the little things right. That is what separates the great backs, they do the little things. They plant their foot right and take off."

What does it say about this offense when you score 49 points last week and 47 this week?
"It is explosive. That is why I changed my number to 13. I feel the same explosiveness that I had at Franklinton."

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