Mississippi State Football Participation List

Mississippi State used 63 players in last week’s home victory over UAB, bringing the total of Bulldogs to see action so far this season to 69. So far one 2014 scholarship freshman has played as well as two more walk-on freshmen. These are all according to official MSU participation lists from both games and subject to adjustment due to so many duplicated numbers

Game-Two participants (*started last game; GP-GS): *WR De’Runnya Wilson 2-1, CB Will Redmond 2-0, *SS Jay Hughes 2-2, *WR Jameon Lewis 2-2, *CB Jamerson Love 2-2, WR Fred Brown 2-0, TE Malcolm Johnson 2-1, *RB Nick Griffin 2-1, WR Fred Ross 2-0, *S Justin Cox 2-2;

WR Brandon Holloway 2-0, S/ST Kivon Coman 2-0, QB Damian Williams 2-0, *WR Robert Johnson 2-2, LB Zach Jackson 2-0, *QB Dak Prescott 2-2, WR Joe Morrow 2-0, S Deontay Evans 2-0, TE Brandon Hill 2-0, TE Gus Walley 1-0;

*LB Matthew Wells 2-2, *CB Taveze Calhoun 2-2, CB Jahmere Irvin-Sills 2-0, S Kendrick Market 2-0, LB DeAndre Ward 2-0, LB Quadry Antoine 2-0, CB Tolando Cleveland 2-0, RB Ashton Shumpert 1-0, *RB Josh Robinson 2-2, WR Gabe Myles 2-0;

DS Winston Chapman 2-0, PK Westin Graves 2-0, LB Richie Brown 2-0, P/KO Devon Bell 2-0, PK Evan Sobiesk 2-0, *LB Beniquez Brown 2-2, LB Christian Holmes 2-0, LB Dezmond Harris 2-0, DE A.J. Jefferson 2-0, *DE Ryan Brown 2-2;

DE Torrey Dale 2-0, *LB Benardrick McKinney 2-2, *OT Justin Senior 2-2, C Archie Muniz 2-0, G/C Devon Desper 2-0, *C Dillon Day 2-2, *G/C Ben Beckwith 2-2, *G Justin Malone 2-2, OL Cole Carter 2-0, OL Kent Flowers 2-0;

*OT Blaine Clausell 2-2, OL Jake Thomas 2-0, OT Rufus Warren 2-0, KR Jamoral Graham 1-0, TE Darrion Hutcherson 2-0, DL Nick James 2-0, *DE Preston Smith 2-2, *DT Kaleb Eulls 2-2, *DT P.J. Jones 2-2, DE Nelson Adams 2-0;

DT Chris Jones 2-0, DT Curtis Virges 2-0, DE John Harris 2-0.

Participants in game-one who did not play in game two: DB Tyrell Miller 1-0, S Brandon Wells 1-0, TE Hunter Bradley 1-0, G Jamaal Clayborn 1-0, TE B.J. Hammond 1-0, ST Rashun Dixon 1-0.

KR/WR Jamoral Graham is the lone freshman member of Coach Dan Mullen’s 2014 signing class to play so far. But he was joined by walk-on freshman PK Westin Graves who has played twice. And it’s not simple to decide if TE Rashun Dixon, who did not get on the field in game-two, is a walk-on after joining the team in summer; or a scholarship true freshman since after all he signed with State in 2008 before playing baseball!

TE Darion Hutcherson is the only juco signee transfer to play so far this season.

All 2013 freshman signees on the ’14 roster have now played except injured WR Shelby Christy.

The last member of the 2012 freshman class was activated this past week, with TE Gus Walley not only making his injury-delayed debut but scoring a touchdown on his first college catch.

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