ScoutTV: Mississippi State RB Nick Griffin

ScoutTV: Mississippi State senior running back Nick Griffin talks to the media, September 16, 2014.

What is the atmosphere like at LSU? I've talked to some of the other guys and they said you really have to get into it mentally to prepare for that atmosphere?
"You really do. I think it's the loudest stadium in the conference. It's crazy. And their fans are crazy and full of energy. You just have to be prepared and be able to tune all of that out and be focused."

How do you feel you are running the ball right now?
"I feel good. I feel like it's the best that I have felt in a couple of years."

The coach has given you a couple of starts. Do you feel like you are producing?
"Yes sir, I'm just trying to do my best. When he throws me in there I'm just trying to be ready."

What have you seen from the LSU defense?
"A lot of speed. They are very sound, technically. They are still fast .... every year."

How can you have success against that defense in that stadium?
"You can't make mistakes when you play a team like them. The team that blinks first will probably be the team that loses. So, we are going to have to come out, be focused, lock in and get the job done."

The MSU offense has been very balanced through the first three games. Do you like that was emphasized or did it kind of just happen?
"I think it kind of happened. We are pretty good at running and we are pretty good at passing the ball. Whatever play is called we are just going to execute the play."

The last couple of games has seen a change of pace. They start you, bring in Brandon Holloway, then bring in Josh Robinson. That is three different type runners. That has to be tough on a defense.
"Yeah, we are just throwing in little wrinkles that they aren't expecting to see. That's all that is."

Have you ever been hit by Preston Smith in practice?
"I hit him with a cut block."

What is he like coming at you?
"He doesn't look big until he's right up on you. Then when he gets right there, you are like oh man."

Have you seen anything different about him this year?
"He's playing with a little chip on his shoulder. I guess somebody has made him mad and he's taking it out on everybody. That is what it seems like."

Ashton Shumpert has played as a combo tailback/fullback. Does that role suit him?
"I guess so because he's pretty big. He can block and run the ball. We are just trying to get him on the field."

How does the mindset change for this week now that you are about to go into conference play?
"There is no joking around. This is SEC week, this is big time. We have to be ready."

What would it mean to go into LSU and get a win?
"It would be a big win. It would set our season off. We are feeling confident. We would make a little history of our own."

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