ScoutTV: Mississippi State OG Justin Malone

ScoutTV: Mississippi State junior offensive guard Justin Malone talks one-on-one with Gene's Page, September 16, 2014.

You were hurt last year. You are back playing this season. How well do you feel that you have played this season?
"I think I have done ok. I haven't done great and I haven't done bad. There are things that I need to continue to work on. I need to get better and better as we go on into SEC play this week against LSU. I have to play at a whole different level than I have been. I have had three weeks to do it. Now, it's time to throw me in there and see if I can do it, if he can do things he thinks he can do, that others thinks he can do or am I going to shy away from them."

What are things that you don't think you have done as well as you can?
"Nobody is ever perfect when they play. Nobody has a perfect game. Nobody has perfect technique. Nobody is going to be 100% all of the time. For me, it's me continuing to get better all of the time. I can't; regress; I have to get better each game each week. I have to get better as the season goes on, into next season and whatever I do after that. I just have to keep progressing and getting better."

I know you guys watch film with John Hevesy. But do you look at your film by yourself and critique yourself?
"Yes, that is something that Coach (Hevesy) is really big on. You have to be very critical of yourself. You can't just look at yourself and say. 'I got the job done.' You are expected to get the job done. What goes into it is how the technique was done. was it done the right way, am I doing everything that is supposed to be done. It's not just about whether I got the job done. That is expected of me as an SEC starter."

You are about to face some great SEC defensive linemen on LSU's team. What have you see from them during film that you have watched of them?
"We went over their defense this week. They are big guys. I know that I am going to have to stay low and keep my pads down so that I can move these guys. They are bigger and stronger than guys that we have played so far. On the outside, they are quick and fast and like moving. So, we have to be sound in our football and physicality and keep going."

It has to be great for you to be able to go against that same quality of defensive linemen in practice, guys like Preston Smith and Chris Jones and others?
"It is always great to have guys like that to go against especially during SEC play. Chris Jones is a freak of nature. He is 6-foot-6, 310 pounds and does everything. He is physically capable of doing everything that you want him to do. Preston Smith is three-time SEC defensive lineman of the week. He is physical and can use speed and power. He can use whatever he needs to win. The inside guys, P.J. (Jones), Kaleb (Eulls) are big, strong guys. If I don't get down they will knock me back. With them, I have learned how to get down and move them, move my feet and keep going."

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