ScoutTV: Matthew Wells Sept 17, 2014

ScoutTV: Mississippi State senior linebacker Matthew Wells talks to the media September 17, 2014 about the upcoming game against LSU.

What have you seen from LSU while watching film this week?
"They do what they do. They are a downhill running team, hardnose football."

How different is it to prepare for this year's LSU team, a team that is different due to a different type quarterback, a guy who likes to run around?
"Like I said, they are going to do what they do. They run the ball and we have to stay back for him, look out for him but it is still the same gameplan."

They use the fullback. A lot of SEC teams have gotten away from using the fullback. How do you prepare for that as a linebacker?
"They have been doing that the last few years. They ran Copeland the couple of years that he was there. And it's still the same with the fullback (they are using this year)."

MSU allowed 28 points in the 4th quarter last year. How much is that driving you to finish out the game this year?
"As a team, we try to progress every year. We try to work harder to take that extra step, that extra quarter, whatever. We try to prepare for the long game."

I thought you played one of your best games against South Alabama. How would you access your game against them?
"It was a good game. I could have done a lot of things better. I just try to get better every week."

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