ScoutTV: Taveze Calhoun Sept 17 2014

ScoutTV: Mississippi State junior cornerback Taveze Calhoun talks about his team's upcoming game against the No. 8 ranked LSU Tigers.

This week you have a different type LSU team.
"Yeah, it's a little bit different. They lost a lot of guys but they also have some good players who have stepped up. They still look good on film, so it will be a challenge to beat them. We have to bring our A game."

They have a big-play threat in Travin Dural. What have you seen from him?
"He is a good receiver, a good football player. We definitely have to have good technique and good eyes and not get caught up in the run game because he can beat us deep and he can make plays. So, we definitely have to bring our A game to stop these guys."

Last year they had guys who you had seen before. This year, they have new guys that you haven't seen before. How does that affect your preparation?
"It doesn't. We know those guys even from the few games that they have played. They are averaging something like 30 yards per reception so that speaks for itself. We have to come prepared to play."

Do you feel like they have the holes plugged that were revealed against UAB?
"Yeah, I think we have. They got the best of us. They made plays and we didn't. We corrected that and played better the next game. We just have to keep getting better each game."

Coach Collins said he wanted to put you guys in the one-on-one situations against UAB and South Alabama without support, especially the cornerbacks, to see how you handled things. You gave up a few plays but you also made some plays.
"Yeah, it's part of the game. You are going to go against good players every week. They make plays and we make plays. It all comes down to who makes the most plays and comes out with a win. That is our goal every week."

Are you guys confident once you are in the red zone? Even though UAB scored some home run shots against you, they didn't score in the red zone.
"I think we are confident all of the time. We know we have good players. You have to have confidence in yourself. And I think we are confident no matter where we are on the field."

In your defense, the corners always come up in run support and make tackles. Against LSU that is going to be very important. What kind of pride do you take in making those plays?
"I take pride in that. In this league you have to be able to tackle. A corner who can tackle and cover is huge. And we take a lot of pride in being able to come in for run support and help the defensive line and linebackers out."

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