ScoutTV: Kaleb Eulls Sept 17, 2014

ScoutTV: Mississippi State senior defensive lineman Kaleb Eulls talks to the media about MSU's upcoming game against LSU.

Good week to wear that shirt with it saying Unfinished Business on it.
"Oh yeah, we do. We aren't just going to talk like that but show it."

You've been in that environment before. What is it like on the field with all of their fans screaming?
"The atmosphere is a little different. But we try to treat any game that we play as a home game, even when we are away and we know they are cheering for the opposing team. We like to treat it like it is our fans and they are cheering us on."

As a defensive lineman, knowing that LSU runs the ball 70% of the time, do you get excited about that?
"Oh yeah, against teams like that you get very excited, especially when it is a power running team and you are a defensive lineman."

Coach Collins said you drew a double team on every play against South Alabama. The stats weren't there for you but you had an impact on the game due to that double team.
"Let me tell you about those double teams. That is a whole other world playing against double teams. Like he said, I might not have had any stats due to playing double team but everybody has a role. And, to me, having a double team is a very important role."

How do you prepare yourself mentally for that type challenge?
"Oh, in practice. You always prepare for it both physically and mentally because you know it is coming. You know how they are going to look, what kind of technique can you do to defend it or even beat it."

You ever wish they wouldn't show you so much respect and just try to single block you?
"I wish they would single block me. But, like I said, it is an honor to be double teamed because, in a way, it is like you are being respected."

What have you seen from LSU's offensive line?
"They are big, physical guys. They are huge. Upfront, it is going to be a very physical game."

What happened last year in the fourth quarter when they scored 28 points against your team? What did you learn from that experience?
"Me personally, I learned that I have to finish it from the first to all the way through the fourth quarter."

What was Preston Brown like as a freshman compared to what he is today?
"Back then, he was eager, willing to learn, ready to get in. The things that have changed is he is more experienced and even more eager to get out there, and how much more confidence he is in doing what he has to do."

Are you surprised by his performance the last four games and him winning awards for that performance?
"Yeah, and I'm happy for him. All of the guys are happy for him for doing something that has never been done, winning SEC Defensive Lineman of the Week three times in a row. We are proud of him and happy for him."

What has been different about him. Has he taken his game to a different level?
"Oh yeah, he has taken his game to a different level. Like I said, the confidence that he has and that he knows what he has to go out there and do to perform at the highest level that he can."

Are you hoping that maybe he, due to those awards, will start getting the double teams that you have been getting?
"Yeah, maybe, maybe (laugh)."

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