P.J. Jones, Mississippi State Tame Tigers

P.J. Jones opened Saturday evening's contest with LSU with an impressive tackle over the physical variety. With that rodeo style wrestling demonstrated, the tone was set for a very brutal contest between the two SEC West foes. Jones reports that the Bulldogs seemed to get the upper hand in the trenches on both sides of the ball.

"The feeling I have right now is amazing," said Jones following the 34-29 win in Baton Rouge. "It's sort of like that feeling you get on Christmas morning when you're a kid.

"You know you have been asking for this present and seeing that big box under the Christmas tree for so long.

"When you know that's your present and you finally get to open it, that's what it feels like to get this win."

The LSU offense, stymied most of the night, came back in the final moments and were a desperation heave away from breaking the Bulldogs' hearts once again.

"I thought those DBs were going to give me a heart attack," said Jones with a grin. "We pulled it out and they made the play to get us the W and that's really all that matters now."

The Bulldog veteran did not mince words when it came to this game's place in his college career.

"This is the biggest one, so far," said Jones. "I know that we aren't done and that the games only get bigger from here."

The Bulldogs were bullies along the line of scrimmage most of the night and Jones felt early on that his team had a physical advantage.

"Either we're really tough or they're soft and I don't think that they're soft," Jones offered. "I know we bring the hat."

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