In-Person Eval: Dontea Jones

Louisville High went on the road to Columbus High last Friday night and were the guests for the Falcons' home coming. Things went well for the home team who reeled in their first win of the season. Mississippi State verbal Dontea Jones was a bright spot for the Wildcats on offense despite coming up short on the scoreboard.

Scouting Report - Jones has tremendous size which makes him in obvious target when his team needs to make a play in the passing game. Jones shows great hands and a catch radius that is rather freakish.

If the quarterback can get it to him, Jones has the size and skill to come down with it.

One of Jones most impressive plays on the night, netted his team zero yards, but allowed the Wildcats to retain possession.

A Columbus' corner had jumped inside on a short slant route and was in position for the interception. As the ball arrived, Jones was able to get a hand inside and rip the ball out resulting in an incompletion rather than a change of possession.

Jones' biggest highlight of the night was a one handed grab against a cover two pass defense. The Louisville QB did a nice job of threading the needle between a corner who was beat on the play and a safety who was a step slow in getting over.

WIth the corner grabbing for his off hand, Jones secured the catch with his other and cradled the ball into his chest and carried both defenders for another five yards once the ball was secured.

It was the type of play SEC prospect expect to make and Jones made it look easy.

He does a very good job of using his body to gain inside position on routes designed to roll across the middle and he gives his quarterback a nice target to hit once he gets a step on defenders.

With his size, there will be some talk of him flexing out and playing some tight end in certain formations, but Jones is a walking nightmare for high school corners. His size advantage is simply too much for one defender to over come when the ball is on target.

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