1-on-1 With Freshman RHP/INF Cole Gordon

Mississippi State freshman righthanded pitcher/infielder Cole Gordon talks one-on-one with Gene's Page.

  • Name: Cole Gordon
  • Position: INF/RHP
  • Class: Freshman
  • HT: WT: 6-foot-5, 230
  • Bats-Throws: L-R
  • High School: Steinbrenner (FL) High School

  • Considering you are a true freshman, how tough was it on you, school-wise and baseball-wise, when you first got to Mississippi State?
    "At first, it seemed like it was moving really fast, school and everything. But the older guys have really helped me try to solve any problems (that I had). I feel like it is starting to slow down and I'm getting into a rhythm now."

    You were a power pitcher when you were just a sophomore but had surgery. What was your velo before the surgery and how is your arm coming along?
    "(Prior to Tommy John) surgery two years ago, I was 87-89 (miles per hour) my sophomore year. I have been getting my rhythm back and trying to get comfortable again. I'm not rushing it. I'm throwing fastballs mostly right now. I'll only throw changeups and off-speed pitches on flat ground."

    Does your arm feel stronger than it did prior to the Tommy John surgery?
    "I think my velocity will have increased because I can feel my arm getting stronger and stronger. I can feel that it is stronger than it was before."

    You have the body of a power hitter. You hit 3 home runs in high school last season. Do you feel like you have more power now?
    "I noticed that my power has increased here. They have definitely helped me hitting-wise. I have been able to focus on the small things while hitting. It has definitely helped my power and overall hitting."

    What are some things the coaches are doing to help you improve your hitting?
    "They are trying to work with my swing. I do a lot of work in Palmeiro (Center), trying to help me focus on staying down through the ball. It's more concentrating on the little things rather than if the ball carries over the fence. That will come later."

    What positions did you play during high school and summer ball?
    "I played first base and third base in high school ball and I played more outfield in summer ball. When I'm in the outfield I play either in right or left."

    What positions are you playing during 4 on 1s with the MSU coaches?
    "I'm pitching and playing in the infield. It's more first base in the infield."

    How tough have the workouts been under strength and conditioning coach Brian Neal?
    "Workouts are hard. But I love Coach Neal. I love him because he pushes you because he wants us to win. It makes you push yourself and everybody else is pushing you. They are hard but I enjoy them because of that reason."

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