One-on-One With Junior RHP Preston Brown

Mississippi State junior righthanded pitcher Preston Brown talks one-on-one with Gene's Page.

  • Name: Preston Brown
  • Position: RHP
  • Class: Junior
  • HT: WT: 6-foot-0, 195
  • Bats-Throws: R-R
  • High School: St. George's Independence School (TN)

  • Last season you started off great, then had a minor injury. And you weren't quite the same pitcher when you started pitching again.
    "Yeah, I had a little shoulder injury. I came back mostly healthy. When I came back I think my arm slot was a little lower. And I think that led to some struggles."

    Did you ever feel like you were back to where you were prior to the injury?
    "Not quite. I don't think I ever got back to where I was prior to the injury. I think I pitched pretty well against Auburn but I'm not sure if that may have been some luck because after watching the film, I still had my arm a little lower. And the ball was moving all arm-side. I couldn't get it glove-side."

    You didn't pitch during the summer. Did you and MSU pitching coach Butch Thompson decide that was the best route for you?
    "Yeah, we decided that it was best if I didn't pick up a ball (during the summer) and let (my shoulder) heal fully. Then I would come back in the fall and be ready to go."

    What are you doing with your arm right now?
    "I am still doing rehab to get it as strong as I possibly can. I'm doing that three times a week. If I continue to stay on top of it I think I will be fine."

    What will you be able to do during the fall?
    "I am full go right now. Right now I feel 100%. I have been doing as much as everybody else. I have been very happy with my bullpens. I feel like my accuracy, something that I feel I lost, is back. They might limit my innings during the beginning of the fall but I haven't talked to (pitching) Coach (Butch) Thompson about it."

    Have the coaches talked to you about the role they want you to fill on this year's staff, maybe as a starter?
    "You know how (Coach Thompson) does the piggyback system (with the starters). I was one of those guys (last season). I think I piggybacked Austin Sexton at the beginning of the year. But, yeah, I think he feels that I can be in that starter's role. He always says that I am (a) Kendall Graveman (type pitcher)."

    Yeah, you get a lot of ground ball outs just like Kendall did when he was starting.
    "I think if I can pound the zone my movement is good enough to get ground balls. I think I walked a few too many guys last year. I think I can take my chances pounding the zone. I don't think (the hitters) will absolutely stroke me."

    What improvements do you want to make this year?
    "If I can get to where I have pretty much no walks, at least no bad walks. There are good walks, then there are bad walks. I don't want to have any bad walks. Plus, I didn't have much of a breaking ball last season. I've been working on that. I threw my breaking ball for the first time on Monday and I actually liked the spend. That was the first time I threw it since ULL. With the new ball, I like the spin on the breaking ball. It looked good. The new ball is supposed to create a harder break but you won't get as big of a break.

    "Kendall (Graveman) said he added a cutter type slider thing that he now throws (in the pros). I'm trying to find something along those lines."

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