Scout TV – De’Runnya Wilson

Sure, scoring one touchdown and setting up another with his receiving skills is how De’Runnya Wilson gets his attention and his statistics. But it’s the other part of his job that maybe makes this Bulldog prouder. “If you don’t block on the perimeter, you won’t be out there!”

It’s safe to say Wilson has secured a spot in the Mississippi State receiver rotation for another game. Putting his body on the last potential Tiger tackler so Dak Prescott could complete a touchdown carry is a good way to grade well in game review.

Meanwhile Wilson earned some Tiger Stadium highlights of his own. He got State’s scoring started with a touchdown catch from Prescott (ironically enough with LSU defender Dwayne Thomas clinging to his back, the same Tiger he blocked on the TD run). Then, made a great sideline catch of 26 yards to get the Dogs out of the end zone shadow.

And it was his 44-yard play on the same drive that set up a rushing touchdown for a 14-0 lead. Oh, and not to be forgotten was his key catch on the third-quarter screen play that returned momentum to Mississippi State’s side after LSU had scored on a turnover.

On the whole then, “I think I played up to my potential,” Wilson said. “I knew we really needed this game and we were going to win or go down with a fight.”

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