Dak Prescott - "I Want To Be A Great Player"

Not that he’s the type to rub it in, but…if Dak Prescott wears a bigger smile than usual crossing the River this trip everyone will understand why.

Because by sheer luck of the schedule, and more so the sheer effort of the whole Mississippi State team, the Louisiana lad is taking an open-date break while coming off a defining victory at LSU. “That was exciting. That was a big road victory for the team. But especially for the Louisiana guys to go back in their home state and in front of their friends and family and get that win.”

What has the week been like for you with all the attention? “I mean it takes away my off-time I guess! But its’ not bad. Like I was telling somebody they’re going to talk good or bad so let’s give them something good to talk about. But I’m just focused on getting better and getting better each day at the quarterback position, as a leader.”

Talking about attention, are you aware all eyes are on you on campus, do you make an effort not to do anything stupid? “Oh yeah. I try not to do anything stupid regardless! But on campus especially, knowing a few people are watching me now and everybody has their eyes.”

Is this just something that comes with success? “Yeah. If I want to be a great player, and I do, I mean I’ve got to expect this. And just stay focused on what I want to do and on my goal and my team goal.”

What is the off-week going to be like, to get away from football and relax? “It will be good. I’m going home to see my family, see my grandmother. But I’ll still have my ipad with me studying Texas A&M.”

In the game, after the fumble, what were you saying on the sideline to the offense before you got back on the field? “I was just letting everybody know, obviously it was my fault. I lost I guess a little bit of focus right there and let them strip the ball away. But, that we had to respond and to trust me, have my back. And we had the lead but we’d make it bigger and just go back out the next drive like nothing happened.”

It’s not good going into a game with a changed offensive line, but you have a comfort level with all the other centers? “Yeah, definitely. The comfort factor goes back to the off-season. It’s not anything new just because they’re being thrown in the fire. I mean I expect the guy who’ll come up and be the new starter this week to do a great job. And I’ll be right behind him to support him.”

How do you keep all the national interviews from being distractions? “I mean it’s 15 minutes out of my day. That’s not a lot of time to be honest. So just answer their questions honestly, like a friend or family member was asking me the question and just go on about my business, as if was a family member just texting me or something.”

It seemed you focused more on Jameon Lewis and De’Runnya Wilson in the SEC, is that what might happen going forward? “Yeah, those are guys that need the ball in their hands. And they’re big-time playmakers so that’s what we’re trying to do, get the ball in their hands. But I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily singling them out to make that they have their catches. And the game plan is the way it is shaking out and the defenses are opening up for them to get those catches.”

The third-down play to Wilson, it seemed to take a while to get that set up? “Oh yeah, that was a ‘look’ play where we see what defense they’re getting. Coach Mullen gets in a play and it was the perfect play we had for that defense going into the game plan.”

“I was trying to make sure I told the line the play and I could barely hear myself at that moment so I didn’t know if they could hear me. And Dillon (Day) was just pushing me back, looking at the play clock. So we went with the play and like I said it was a perfect play in the defense that they were running.”

You come off a big win against a team you wanted to beat, now you go back home to Louisiana a week later? “I mean it’s kind of good to go back with a smile on my face. And I know I may see some frowns! Yeah, it’s kind of cool I guess, kind of ironic.”

What was it like sharing that with your Dad and brothers in Tiger Stadium? “That was a great moment. It was really just going back to the recruiting process, them recruiting me and pretty much most or half of my family wanted me to go to LSU. That was good for me to let them know I’m in the position I wanted to be in, and the reason I came to Mississippi State. We just beat LSU just like I said I would from the time I committed in that battle between LSU and Missisippi State.”

When did you realize the matchup was as good as it was? “I don’t know if it was necessarily that they weren’t the LSU people make it up to be. But we’re a new team around here and that goes back to the off-season, at Mississippi State what we’re about and where we had the goal coming into this season. No matter if it was LSU or A&M or Alabama down the road, whoever it is we know how we can be as long as we play our football.”

“And getting into the film study we realized they had some weaknesses we had to take advantage of and we could beat them.”

How are you able to turn the page? “I mean it’s just one game. We’ve got seven more conference games ahead of us and a long season ahead of us. We can’t sit here and harp on this one game or we’ll be 1-1 instead of 2-0.”

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