ScoutTV: LB Richie Brown Talks To The Media

ScoutTV: Mississippi State sophomore linebacker Richie Brown September 24, 2014 interview.

Take me through the four plays of the goal line stand against LSU.
"It was a great job by Kivon (Coman) making a great play to get them down so that we could live to see another set of downs. The first down they got a little run in there. Second or third down, I forget which h, they tried to run a belly but we knew it was coming, so we stuffed that. B-Mac (Benardrick McKinney) and Turtle (Christopher Holmes) did a great job on that. On the fourth down, they tried a quarterback run game but Chris Jones got some good push and our D-line held up great. I got to the quarterback and the rest of the team came in and helped out."

They only had 89 rushing yards for the game. When, during the game, did you guys, the front seven, know you could control the game?
"I think we knew it going in. We were pretty confident that we could control (them). After the first quarter we were pretty confident with what we could do with our defense."

The linebackers have played really good this year. Does it feel like, as a group, that you guys have come together this season?
"Oh definitely, we feel very close to each other. We can rotate in and out and play whomever and we are fine with that. We have our six guys."

You didn't start that game but came in right after the first play. Are you always ready to come in and play?
"Yeah, always. B-Mac is going to be the guy who goes out there first. But we have certain packages where we are going to be out there together. We try to keep a good rotation where we stay as fresh as possible."

How good do you think this defense can be?
"It can be a really good defense, yeah, a really good defense."

Watching the game, it seemed like when your defense slammed the door shut on that goal line stand that was the turning point in the game. Do you feel like it was the turning point?
"There definitely were some hugh turning points in the game. There were a few of them. But it was a hugh statement for our defense, not just for that game but for the year."

How did that goal line stand feed the rest of the game?
"We know what we can do. We know that no matter where they are we are going to put the ball down and we are going to play. It kind of gives us hope. We know that we can stop them no matter where they put the ball down. We are not just going to give up and let them score."

What is it like in the defensive huddle when there are 102,00 people thinking that it is going to be 7-7 soon but four plays later you have stopped them?
"We try to focus on what is going on on the field and block everything else out. We look at the guys to our left and right and know that we are all that we have and that is all we need really."

Are there things said in the huddle about what they will do?
"It is understood. We try to say a few quick words but we are really zoned in. It has been pre-loaded before in practice and during our offseason. Our entire offseason has been about bringing our defense together."

LSU was trying to attack you one way. Now, you have a Texas A&M team coming in that wants to attack you another type way. It changes the responsibilities of the linebackers entirely. Have you already started working on that?
"Yeah, we are starting to get into it. But we are really focusing on fundamentals this week, though. They are more of a spread team, not so much an I-back, run down your throat team, more of a passing team. But we are starting to get into that, more back into the spread mindset."

One of your offensive leaders (Dillon Day) is suspended for the game. Have you guys talked about that at all?
"No. Dillon is a great character (person). I know he feels bad the way it has been perceived. And he is doing everything he can (to help the offense). Archie (Muniz) and the rest of the guys on our offensive line are ready to step up."

Do you feel like, other than the last few minutes of the fourth quarter, that was about as perfect of a game as this team can play, offensively, defensively and kicking game?
"Yeah, but there are still some little things that we can work on here and there. But, yeah, in the last three minutes we had pretty big plays (against us) that we have to shut down next time. We'll learn from that. I think it was a good learning point not to play for the full sixty minutes. But even in the first 57 minutes there was some stuff we can work on and get better as a team."

I know the players believe that you have a great team, but beating LSU down there on a Saturday night, something that only two teams, both national champions, have done during the Les Miles tenure has to be confirmation that you are as great as you believe you are?
"It definitely confirms it. It's great for our team. I think it is a great morale booster for everybody. I think everybody knows how good we are. Now, we are focused on the next team and we can't let that win swell up our heads too much. We just have to ... the next team is always the hardest team you are going to play."

Is the Texas A&M not THE game? You beat LSU down there but is this next game even more important?
"Yeah, the next game is always going to be more important, regardless of who the opponent is. This is a big game for us and we are going to take on it pretty well, I think."

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