Jameon Lewis Talks Bye Week

While getting a win over LSU was a big deal to all connected with Mississippi State, for Jameon Lewis it was a little more personal. Lewis, the son of former LSU corner Roy Walker, grew up with family ties to the Tigers. With Lewis having a big career as a Bulldog, he has enjoyed converting a former Tiger player to a current Bulldog supporter.

"He is all the way on our side, because of me," said Lewis of his father. "He is telling me things to do to help the team and be a leader.

"You know I am still working on that and he's just trying to help me in all phases."

Lewis reeled in a long touchdown pass in the third quarter to essentially break the game open. The connection came as a result of some solid chemistry between Lewis and quarterback Dak Prescott.

While Lewis got credit for the touchdown, the senior wide out is eager to share the spotlight with the other players who made the play successful.

"When I saw Dak turnaround, I was kind of short on a short route anyway," said Lewis. "I had to get deeper and I am happy he saw me. I just put my hands up.

"Once he got it to me, it was over with.

"(Malcolm Johnson) is the one who really freed me. I didn't have to do too much, but jog it in really."

The second half was a roller coaster for both teams, but the Bulldogs were able to close the deal in the final seconds.

Lewis reports that even after LSU scored a defensive touchdown to open the second half, there was never any panic in the Bulldog huddle.

"We were just trying to stay focused," explained Lewis. "This is the best team that I have been on since I have been here.

"As long as we stay together, there aren't too many people out there that can beat us."

The Bulldog quarterbacks are blessed with a crop of talented passing targets. The group has a solid blend of young talent and experience veterans.

Lewis believes the group is rounding into shape.

"It's just practice," said Lewis. "You have to work on the small things like when the ball is (thrown) your way, if it's not deflected, it's your job to catch it.

"As receivers, you're out there to catch the ball. Just making plays is our #1 job and if we can do that we will stay successful.

"We went through all of the cut ups today and we're just trying to get better at the small things.

"There are some things we haven't been too good at in the previous games, so at practice we're just trying to get better at that.

"I think we have to work. These last couple of practices we have left some balls on the ground. Some say it's because a couple of guys are banged up, but that's a mind thing really and you just have to get better all around."

The win over LSU is perhaps the biggest one so far for a talented senior class that has won a lot of football games for Mississippi State.

Lewis is eager to get back home and have some fun with some local Tiger fans, but his mind is also shifting towards next Saturday and the Aggies of Texas A&M.

"It was huge," said Lewis of the victory in Tiger stadium. "It was fun. You can always keep that in the back of your head for the rest of your life. You can tell your family members and all of that.

"It was a big deal for the players and the program too. That was really just the beginning of something great."

"It is going to be great going home. I am from south Mississippi (Tylertown), close to Louisiana and we have some of their fans. It's going to be great to home with a victory and if any of the LSU fans I do know say something, then I can rub it in their face."

"It's a bye week. You're supposed to relax and heal from injuries and all, but that's our next opponent (A&M). They're in the back of our heads now."

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