1-On-1 With Soph RHP Dakota Hudson

Mississippi State sophomore right-handed pitcher Dakota Hudson talks one-on-one with Gene's Page.

  • Name: Dakota Hudson
  • Position: RHP
  • Class: Sophomore
  • HT: WT: 6-foot-5, 215
  • Bats-Throws: R-R
  • High School: Sequatchie County (Dunlap, TN) High School

  • What did you work on while playing in the California League this past summer?
    "This spring I kind of got hit a little bit so when I went to California I wanted to work on my off-speed pitchers, try and throw a lot more strikes and get more consistent with how I locate my off-speed pitch."

    How do you think you did doing that during the summer?
    "I actually think I did well throwing my off-speed for more strikes but, as a total, I had too many walks. I feel like the walks came after the hits and that is the reason that I had a higher ERA (during the summer). But I feel like I came a mile further than I was in the spring."

    Were the walks off of your off-speed pitch or your fastball?
    "It was me trying to be too cute with a pitch."

    You have the type stuff that the elite Friday night SEC pitchers have. Why would you want to be too cute?
    "I guess it's because I haven't really faced these type hitters before. And when I got here I got hit a little bit during the fall, which kind of helped me adjust. And during the season I started spiking curveballs and all the hitters had to look for were fastballs. And that was what got hit."

    You said you spiked your curveball too much. Has your curveball gotten better?
    "I think the key for me with that was backing off a little bit with it instead of trying to throw it harder. Throwing it harder just made it spike. (MSU catchers) Gavin (Collins), Zack (Randolph) and Cody (Walker), the guys who were here last year, have helped me with that."

    What are you doing in the 4 on 1s with the coaches right now?
    "Right now we are just doing drill work. I haven't thrown a full-fledge bullpen yet. We are just working on getting the focal point and working on my front side. I'm using my front arm as a locater, just getting more deception and getting more spin on the ball."

    Do you feel like your confidence level equals the stuff that you have?
    "Yeah, I feel like it is there. It's just a matter of tapping into it. I feel like this fall will be big for me because I will get to see how all the work that (pitching) Coach (Butch) Thompson and I are doing right now gets put into play. But I feel good about it and I feel that I will be a lot better."

    I see your stuff as being the type that the elite SEC Friday night starters have. How are you working to become that type pitcher during the upcoming fall?
    "In the fall I'm just trying to establish myself. I guess if I can establish myself early, then I can build off of that. I feel like it will take a couple of outings to get back into the groove."

    You throw a four-seam fastball. Are you going to add a two-seam fastball this fall, which will allow you to have more movement on your fastball?
    "Right now, I think it is more about location. I am a tilt pitcher. I have a high release point and throw low in the zone. As long as I do that I will be more effective."

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