Dak Prescott Believes MSU Can Do Better

It isn’t the same as being blitzed on the field of course. Still the blitz of media demands coming his way is taking one toll on Dak Prescott’s daily schedule. “In a situation like that I might not get to sit down and eat as much or long as I want to, but that might be beneficial actually! It’s not too bad.”

No, not at all. Things are pretty good when one is quarterbacking the #12-ranked club in the country. And coming off both a big rivalry win to get SEC season started right. And a victory that earned Co-Offensive Player of the Week for the SEC in the process. And, having had a whole open date to enjoy it all.

OK, not the whole open date. According to Prescott, the bye-week was put to excellent use at Mississippi State. Coach Dan Mullen and team were able to evaluate what has gone well (other than a 4-0 record and 1-0 SEC opening of course) and what needs improving before a key two-game homestand.

“There’s a lot we can do better,” said Prescott.”We’ve done well just play-action pass, feeding off of the run game. But straight drop-back passing we’ve got to get that better, get our numbers better. Run off the ball and be more physical up front, and just all around there’s a lot we can get better. And even the things we’re doing good at we can make them better.”

Because good probably isn’t good enough here in the second stage of the 2014 schedule. The reward for beating then-#8 LSU is a meeting with #6 Texas A&M this Saturday on Scott Field (11:01am) to keep State on its fast upward track. And just for good measure the next week brings current-#5 Auburn to campus. If their ranking holds up, the Bulldogs are on the verge of a piece of program history by playing three-straight teams listed as top-ten at the time.

Then again, with a win this week the Bulldogs could find themselves with a single-digit ranking, too, for the first time in Mullen’s tenure. Such stakes should help a team come down from that milestone success at Baton Rouge, right?

“I think the mindset had already been transitioning to A&M,” Prescott said. “We started that last week, moving past LSU and getting on to A&M and ready for our second SEC game. And the first one at Davis Wade.”

This will also be the first contest of senior guard Ben Beckwith’s career to start as center, with Dillon Day serving his one-game SEC suspension for actions at LSU. Changing the guy who delivers the ball would surely unnerve a lot of college quarterbacks.

Not Prescott.

A timely open-date to get #66 settled in at the middle of the line has made even easier something Prescott never doubted. “I mean I trust Ben all the time outside of football. So I trust him a bunch. I mean the snaps has been great, we’ve got the reads down, its not much of a difference.”

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