Tiano Confident in Mississippi State

Baylor senior quarterback Nick Tiano was cautiously optimistic about the season during the summer months. While his team's 5-0 record may surprise some, Tiano had a feeling his squad might turn some heads once the 2014 season kicked off.

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"A lot people weren't expecting a lot from us this year, because we lost so many players from our offensive and defensive line and a couple of our receivers," said Tiano. "We have some younger players who have stepped up and done a good job for us.

"Our league is a little down this year, so I feel like we may have a team that can go all of the way."

Tiano believes that the game is coming to him a little easier this fall as well.

"I am a lot more comfortable this year and the game is slowing down for me now," said Tiano. "I know more of what to expect, I know the offense a lot better and I know the checks.

"It's all going pretty good for me right now.

"I am running the ball a lot more this year and that's been a big help this year against some teams.

"I am as big as some of the linebackers we play against, so it's been a lot of fun."

Tiano's future team, Mississippi State, is also out to an undefeated start and the talented quarterback feels even better about the Bulldogs.

"I am so excited to see them playing so well," said Tiano. "I watched the LSU game with Harrison (Moon) and we were high fiving the whole game. That was so much fun.

"We're getting up early and driving down there this weekend and going to see the play against Texas A&M."

Tiano reports that he feels good about the Bulldogs' chances to move on to 5-0.

"I don't want to jinx us, but I feel like we should be able to pull it out," explained Tiano. "I watched them against Arkansas and I feel like they could have some trouble with our running game too.

"With Josh and Dak running the ball like they do, a lot of teams are probably going to have some trouble with our running game."

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