One-on-One With Sophomore RHP Logan Elliot

Mississippi State sophomore righthanded pitcher Logan Elliot talks one-on-one with Gene's Page.

  • Name: Logan Elliot
  • Position: RHP
  • Class: Sophomore
  • HT: WT: 6-foot-1, 175
  • Bats-Throws: R-R
  • High School: Dunwoody (GA) High School
  • Junior College: Tallahassee (FL) Community College

  • Your are a sidearm thrower. I believe you can actually throw in the upper 80s if you want to. What is your normal velocity?
    "I usually sit in the low to mid-80s but I'll run it up to up to the upper 80s if I try. But I know my role and my craft, and that is to get ground balls and to fill up the strikezone. So, I don't usually try to throw as hard as I can."

    How have you adjusted to the workouts with strength and conditioning coach Brian Neal?:
    "With any new workout that you start, the first few weeks are always the toughest ones. But I think now that our bodies have gotten used to it it's all a matter of how hard you push yourself. I have adjusted to them. And I think everybody has adjusted to them. Now, everybody is trying to get healthy for the start of fall practice (and scrimmages)."

    You are a sidearm type pitcher. Has Coach Thompson had you make any adjustments to your delivery since you have been at Mississippi State?
    "There hasn't been a mechanical adjustment because it is difficult to mechanically adjust sidearmers because it is sort of a new development to the game. But he does know a lot about it. That is one of the reasons that I came here. But the one thing that we have both been working on is making sure that I stay low in the zone, not try to do to much, not try to overthrow."

    What do you do to make sure you stay low in the zone?
    "The string (that he uses in our bullpens) is one of the main things that has helped me stay low in the zone, making sure I am hitting my spots. If I start missing my spots that is kind of a tell tale sign that I am trying to do too much."

    Has Coach Thompson told you what role he plans for you going into the fall scrimmages?
    "As of right now, he said he will start me out as a reliever. He also said that since I have been in a starting role there is a chance of that. But he said in the fall practices that I will be put into situations that I will be put in during a game, in situations where they may need a ground ball. We will execute that to see how I work through those type situations."

    How have you adjusted to Mississippi State's college lifestyle?
    "I was in a community college last year so we were in a smaller environment, Tallahassee Community College. But we were right on the campus of FSU. Due to that, it hasn't been that big of an adjustment to me. Living a university lifestyle is great. I love it.

    "Living that type lifestyle the biggest adjustment is time-management. You have to work around a 7 am breakfast, getting class work done, study hall, workouts every day with our 4 on 1s. You just have to find a way to get everything done that you need to get done. That has been the only real adjustment."

    What has it been like living in Starkville?
    "It is a lot different than where I come from. I came from a city atmosphere (Tallahassee) to being in Starkville. But being in Starkville there is a really good family atmosphere."

    It's not a city atmosphere in Starkville but it might feel like a city when you have 15,000 fans in the stands for a game.
    "Yes sir. I haven't ever in front of that many people before. But I feel like at each level it's going to be a new test on how I can perform. I am excited to see what this season has to offer."

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