CoachSpeak: Omhar Carter Talks Emmanuel Ugboh

Omhar Carter, the head coach of the AAU team MBA Hoops, talks about the type player that Ugboh is both offensively and defensively.

  • Name: Emmanuel Ugboh
  • Classification: 2016
  • High School: Elite Prep Academy (Winston-Salem, NC)
  • Position: Center
  • HT: WT: 6-foot-11, 260
  • Ranking: NR
  • Schools Of Interest: Arkansas, Auburn, Baylor, Mississippi State, Tennessee, UT-Martin

  • Describe Emmanuel Ugboh.
    "He is a legit 6-foot-11, about 260 pounds and bench presses close to 300 right now. He is really strong. He is lefthanded with a soft touch around the basket, shoots it well, a great defender who is difficult to move on a post, good rebounder, runs the floor hard. He is going to be a good one. He is a very intelligent kid, a 4.0 student. And he's a really good kid."

    What kind of player is he offensively and defensively?
    "He is a great defensive player. Offensively, he is very skilled. He has 10 legit post moves. He also can pull up and shoot the jumper. He just needs to become more consistent offensively as far as being a guy who gets the ball down low and go get the basket. We are working with him on that now. In college basketball they don't throw the ball inside that much, so, we want to make sure he is a great rebounder first and a great defender second. And he's that already. He consumes rebounds and defends well. You can't move him. There is no sense in banging him because you can't move him. We played against big guys who were top-5 in the country and they would step out and shoot jumpers on him because they wouldn't try to bang him around."

    How well does he move for his size?
    "Very good. He is agile. He moves because he can dance (laugh). Every time a song is played he knows every dance to that song. He can move well."

    What does he still need to improve?
    "The thing that we are working on with him is being mentally tough so that he can dominate a game. He's capable of doing that. We are trying to make him mentally tough enough to want to do that."

    These days, so many big guys think they are perimeter guys. Does he know his place on the court? What I mean by that does he know he is a post player?
    "He knows he's a five. He's coming down on that block and that is where he is staying. He's a straight five. He works on the block, rebounds, put-backs, block shots, that's what he is doing."

    Who are some schools showing interest in him?
    "He already has offers from Arkansas, Auburn, Tennessee, UT-Martin, Baylor. Mississippi State is also very interested in him and I believe they will offer him. He is from Africa, Nigeria, and has only been (in the United States) a year, so he is just now hitting the (recruiting) scene."

    Do you see his recruiting picking up?
    "With his size factor, he is going to be one of the top post players in the country. There are no guys bigger than him. And if there are some as big as him that is rare. We didn't see guys as big as him on the (AAU) circuit."

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