Brown Prepares for Mississippi State/A&M Tilt

Beniquez Brown has become a full time starter at linebacker this year for Geoff Collins' defense. Brown was in the regular rotation last fall and earned a few starts down the stretch. The bright lights of Kyle Field and the energy of the 12th man greeted Brown in his first start last fall at Texas A&M. Now a sophomore, Brown is hoping for a different result when the Aggies come to Starkville.

"I watched myself on film last year," said Brown with a grin. "I was still just a young guy. That was my first start.

"Last year, I knew things were coming, but I didn't react to it as fast I needed to. I made some tackles, but I wasn't as fast as I could have been.

"Coming in this year, there is a big difference. I feel like I am much better prepared for it.

"Coach (Geoff) Collins did a great job preparing me and the rest of the linebackers for this."

Two weeks ago, the Bulldog defense had to prepare for the ground and pound game of LSU, but this week they face an opponent, in Texas A&M, who will get off of the bus throwing the ball around.

"It's a lot different," said Brown of the Aggie offense. "They still average a lot of yards on the ground, so we are preparing for both. We don't want to just look at the pass and be all into the passing game.

"We're preparing for both. They spread the ball around, so we want to lock down the perimeter and if they run the ball, then we want to lock that down too."

Coach Kevin Sumlin has a reputation as one of the most innovative offensive minds in the college game.

The sophomore backer hopes that he and his teammates can crack the Aggie code.

"We're watching film this week to find those little things that they do give away," said Brown. "We're looking for those things they think they don't give away, but they really do.

"It's just about getting into the details of the film."

Coming off an emotional win on the road at Tiger Stadium, the Bulldogs probably needed a little more time to celebrate, but also to prepare for a Texas A&M offense that is among the most prolific in the country.

"It's a good thing to have two weeks," said Brown. "Just coming in last week it was the bye week. It was a bye week, but we still had our mind frame to be focused.

"It was fun to get back home and be with your family, but at the same time your mind was still on Texas A&M.

"When they were playing Arkansas, most of us were watching trying to pick up thing the did even before this week."

The Aggie offense is led by rising superstar Kenny Hill who has proven to be a more than capable replacement for former Heisman winner Johnny Manziel.

"He's a good decision maker," said Brown of Hill. "He doesn't do bad things. He tries to make the right pass every time. He's smart.

"Johnny (Manziel) would run around and try to make the big play at all times.

"(Hill) will nickle and dime you all the way down the field and then hit a big play. We want to try to put pressure on him and get (in) to his head early."

"We have to watch his reads and see how he breaks it down. We just have to be locked down and cover everyone."

With play calling predicated on mismatches, Hill and the Aggie offensive system puts a lot of pressures on linebackers and forces them into pass coverage. "We have watched that on film and coach has talked to us and prepared us all week for that," said Brown. "If they can't get the deep ball, they are going to come back and work the "Willy" linebacker and the "Sam" linebacker.

"We have been working on that all week and we feel like we're prepared for it."

A spirited effort by the Bulldogs on the road at A&M last year sparked a Bulldog team that is currently on a seven game winning streak, the third longest active streak nationally.

Brown reports that the Mississippi State team grew up during that contest and they simply became a better team as a result.

"After last year's game, we felt like we should have won," said Brown. "Before that game, we were just playing for three quarters basically.

"That was the first game where we put our heads into it and didn't worry about the scoreboard or the opponent and played all four quarters.

"That was where it all started from."

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