Raymond Talks Mississippi State Official

East Jefferson (LA) standout defensive back, Deshawn Raymond, was on hand this weekend as Mississippi State dismantled Texas A&M. The win elevated the Bulldogs to a national #3 ranking. The huge win also appears to have aided the Bulldogs in their pursuit of the talented Raymond.

Deshawn Raymond profile

"I couldn't even tell you what I liked best about the trip, because I liked everything," said Raymond. "I had a great visit up there.

"It was all good from the fans, to the coaches and the game."

The Saturday morning SEC Western division throw down was the first Mississippi State game Raymond has attended at Davis Wade Stadium.

"The atmosphere was crazy," said Raymond. "It was so loud in there and there really wasn't that many people yelling. It was just cowbells and it was so loud.

"The people up there just go crazy over the football players."

The south Louisiana standout was hosted by a Bulldog player is familiar with.

"Damian Williams was my host," said Raymond. "I know him, but I didn't really know him that well before the visit.

"We're both from New Orleans and everybody down here knows each other and knows of each other.

"We had a lot of fun and last night I was with him, Dak Prescott and everybody else.

"I got to go out to eat and we all went out last night."

Raymond reports that he saw a lot of things to like about Mississippi State.

"I could see myself playing for Coach (DeShea) Townsend. I really could," said Raymond. "They are looking at me at corner, but they said that some of their corners play some at safety.

"I like their defense and I feel like I would fit in if I went there."

Raymond is a December graduate, so his time frame for a decision is on a faster track than some other prospects.

"I have been to Nebraska and to Mississippi State," said Raymond. "I am going to Arkansas next and then to TCU and then I am going to commit.

"LSU is still in there too, but I don't feel like I have to take an official there. They are just around the corner and I know what they have to offer. I have been up there a lot.

"I don't really have a top school or anything like that.

"I just want to take these visits and then make my decision, but Mississippi State looked good this weekend and I had a great time."

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