Green Loyal to Mississippi State

Wesson, Mississippi product Farrod Green has been committed to Mississippi State since wowing the Bulldog coaches during the June camp sessions. Since accepting an offer from Dan Mullen and his staff, Green has worked to help the Bulldogs round out the 2015 signing class. Green remains in touch with several Bulldog targets as the Mississippi State team rolls into the top five nationally.

Farrod Green profile

"All of this hype is crazy," said Green. "I knew we were going to win and and have a good season, but everybody is talking about Mississippi State right now.

"It's every where."

Green recently took another unofficial visit to Starkville with good friend Leo Lewis of Brookhaven.

"This was my first game since the Southern Miss game," said Green. "I am planning on going back up there this weekend for the Auburn game.

"This weekend was so exciting. I knew they were going to win, but it was still fun.

"We sat with the students and it was so much fun. They keep it live out there with all of those cowbells.

"It was a lot of fun."

More than a casual observer, Green pays close attention to how his future position mates fit into the Bulldog offensive scheme.

"I love how they use the tight ends," explained Green. "I watch Malcolm Johnson a lot. They flex him out all of the time. He rarely puts his hand in the ground.

"I am ready to get up there and get to work."

With the Bulldogs ranked #3 nationally, Green is thrilled, but he reports that his allegiance to the Maroon and White is not contingent on a ranking.

"Mississippi State has been loyal to me and I am loyal to me," said Green. "I am a Bulldog win or lose.

"They are my team and I am going to be with them no matter how man more games they win this year."

Green reports that he remains in touch with several prospects who appear to have Mississippi State on their short list.

"I am staying on them and trying to help get the best players to come to Mississippi State with us," said Green. "I think with the season we're having that a lot of people are going to be thinking about Mississippi State."

At the end of Bulldog home games, some prospects have the chance to celebrate a win with the team. Green and his friends were able to do that after State knocked off Texas A&M.

"It's so exciting to be around the team," said Green. "They are all telling me to stick with my commitment and keep working hard. They said I will be up there before I know it, because it all happens so fast.

"I am ready to get back up there and see them beat Auburn."

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