In Person Eval: Nick Tiano and Harrison Moon

Nick Tiano and Harrison Moon took undefeated records into their respective games this past Friday night. Both Baylor and Signal Mountain suffered their both losses in front of big and loud crowds. On Saturday, the pair met up at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch their future team, Mississippi State, dismantle Texas A&M.

Quarterback Nick Tiano vs. McCallie

McCallie got the better of Baylor 35-9. Tiano got Baylor on the scoreboard first when he was able to lead his team near the redzone for a field goal. Tiano nearly recorded a touchdown pass on that drive, but a 3rd down attempt fell incomplete.

Baylor was not able to do much offensively on the night, but Tiano did his part and kept playing. McCallie dropped a lot of men in coverage and forced Tiano to settle for some underneath routes.

Once McCallie jumped out to an early lead, things seemed to come unhinged for Baylor. There was more than enough frustration to go around, but Tiano never seemed to get flustered. He showed some nice poise even when things were going poorly.

After seeing his team fumble two plays after surrendering the lead, Tiano simply clapped his hands and left the field.

I was never really able to see Tiano stretch the field in the vertical passing game, because the opportunity never really presented itself. McCallie played some two deep safeties and the Baylor pass protection was not what it needed to be for Tiano to sit back in the pocket and survey the field.

Tiano did a nice job of checking down and taking what the defense gave him. He has very good size and he gets the ball out pretty quickly. Some of that is a by product of the offense, but he likes to get things moving.

You can learn a lot about a player's leadership skills when things go south and it was evident Friday night that Tiano has some of the intangibles college coaches are looking for.

Harrison Moon vs. Notre Dame

The game was originally scheduled to be played at Notre Dame, but it was moved to Ringold High School in Ringold, Georgia.

The first player I noticed was #77 of Signal Mountain High, who was the largest player on the field for either team. It turned out to be Harrison Moon.

Moon looked like a blocking tight end last season, but with his growth he has the makings of a very good college offensive lineman. Blessed with great length and a big frame, Moon has the ability to pack on some mass and really be a force in the future.

Due to the Notre Dame defensive alignment, Moon rarely had a defender lined up directly across from him. He blocked down on several plays and really moved people out of the hole.

Moon hit a couple of cut blocks and looked pretty solid in pass protection even though Notre Dame never really brought any serious rush to his side.

Moon also played some at defensive tackle and showed a pretty good nose for the ball.

With his size and athleticism, it is easy to see why Mississippi State offered him. You can also get a sense that there is more there to develop. Once Moon gets his technique down and learns the nuances of the position, he has the potential to be a starter on the college level.

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