Myles, Mississippi State Still Celebrating

These are the things of which dreams are made. Gabe Myles grew up in Starkville the son of a former Mississippi State football player. Myles hoped to have the chance to follow in his father's footsteps and seek his college football future on the turf of Davis Wade Stadium. Those dreams manifested and now Myles and his dream school are ranked #3 and right in the thick of the conference title chase.

"I always dreamed about coming here to Mississippi State and winning a national championship," explained Myles. "We are on the right track so far.

"That's not really in my eyes right now though. We're just taking it one game at a time and I am just doing what I can to help the team out."

Myles was recruited as an athlete and penciled in as a potential defensive back when he first arrived on campus.

The former state champion quarterback found himself back on the offensive side of the ball catching passes rather than throwing them when his first college action arrived.

"It was beneficial," said Myles of his redshirt year. "I wasn't ready to play last year, especially changing positions and going to receiver."

Now back on the offensive side of the ball, Myles is part of a very diverse and ambitious group of pass catchers.

"We want to be a top notch receiving corps in the SEC," said Myles. "With us pushing each other and trying to make each other better in practice, that is helping us.

"We have great leadership all around us. When everybody can lead, you don't have to have everybody being vocal.

"We can all lead be example and that shows a greater thing.

"If I see you doing it, then it's going to make me step my game up."

Myles found himself in the Bulldog starting line up for the first time last week when Jameon Lewis was a late scratch the morning of the Texas A&M game. The talented freshman reports that his notification of first team designation came pretty late during game preparations.

"I would say during walk throughs," said Myles of the moment he got the word. "I got told the day of the game, while getting taped what the situation was.

"I was prepared for it. I had been going hard during practice. When it's time for your number to be called, you have to be ready to step up and make some plays."

Mississippi State dismantled the Aggies last week, 48-31, which vaulted the Bulldogs into the top five nationally.

With new found success comes new attention. Myles reports that there is no shortage of potential distractions, but that the team remains focused on the task at hand.

"We hear it and we see it," said Myles of the media blitz. "It's all over twitter and instagram and all of that. At the same time, we know where we want to go and what we want to do as a team.

"We block it out. It's all about getting better and taking it one game at a time."

The Bulldogs have had a lot to celebrate this season with back to back wins over top ten opponents in consecutive games, but Myles reports the celebration continues this week.

"We are celebrating still, because we get a bigger game," explained Myles. "We get a bigger stage to show case what we are about.

"We take this game as our gift. We get the chance to play a top ranked team in our house."

Myles' level headed approach appears to be pretty consistent throughout the program.

The Bulldog legacy reports that solid leadership keeps the team grounded.

"The coaches make sure we don't get too high off of a win, because we have another game to play," said Myles. "Our leaders like Dak (Prescott) and Ben (Beckwith) they make sure you work hard in practice, because nothing is given to you.

"Now we go from the underdogs to having the targets on our back. We just take it like that, because we still have a lot to prove.

"We know where we want to go. We have to have a good practice if we want to be better and you have to have a better practice than you did the day before.

"You have to practice better than you did last week, because you have to play better in each game."

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