1-on-1 With Senior LHP Ross Mitchell

Mississippi State senior left-handed pitcher Ross Mitchell talks one-on-one with Gene's Page.

  • Name: Ross Mitchell
  • Position: LHP
  • Class: Senior
  • HT: WT: 6-foot-1, 165
  • Bats-Throws: L-L
  • High School: Blackman (TN) High School

  • You are doing something for students that is really special. Tell me a little about what you are doing?
    "We have a party every week. It is something that we are trying to do every Friday night. It is a good, clean party every Friday night. It is a safe place for people to go to every Friday night if they want to. We are going to bring in bands, maybe have a trivia night, really anything that you can think of."

    How many people did you have at the first party?
    "150 to 200 people, which was a lot. But we still have room for a lot more. We probably can have 3,000 to 5,000 people."

    That is a lot of people. Where do you have this party?
    "At my house. It is massive with a huge backyard."

    What is the reasoning behind having this type party?
    "I remember my freshman year I didn't know anybody but baseball players. To get out and meet people on the weekends that brought a lot of temptations to me. So, I wanted to provide something for freshmen where they can meet good, solid people in a safe environment."

    Are you keying on freshmen for this party?
    "It's for everybody, even older folks if they want to come."

    If someone wanted to come to your party how would they get in touch with you about it?
    "The best way to contact me is by email. What we are doing is getting everybody's email addresses so that we can email them, letting them know what is going on each week. My email address is RossCarterMitchell@gmail.com."

    You are also doing something else, coaching. You have been coaching a travel team for the past two summers. Talk about your coaching experience.
    "Two summers ago was rough. I was 0-fer with two ties with the team that was mine. I also coached another team in East Cobb (Georgia) for a little bit that wasn't necessarily my team but we won a couple of games. We stole home to win a couple of games. I haven't seen Coach Cohen do that yet (smile on Ross' face when he said this)."

    Maybe you should teach him that.
    "Either that or he can let me sit at third sometimes."

    What about your team this past summer, how did they do?
    "This year I didn't have my own team but there were a couple of tournaments where we were short a coach, so I would have one team for the week. Actually, (MSU freshman) Cole Gordon was on one of my teams. He was a great player to coach, just due to his servitude. After the game, he was the first person who came to me and grabbed the balls or the helmets, which was pretty neat. It meant a lot to me. It makes me even more excited that he is going to be with us this year."

    The team you help coach is East Coast. It's a religious-based team isn't it?
    "It's definitely Christian-based. We want to teach the guys we coach how to become men, not just on the field but in life. It's not just the religious side of it but in serving, the way you handle yourself and your character."

    As for you, how have you improved going into your senior season at Mississippi State?
    "I think I have a lot of areas to improve in. One is being able to stay 100% all season. I have to get into the weight room and really work on my lower half. And I need to improve my consistency. Last year, I had some good games and I also had some games when I didn't have my best stuff. I want to make sure I am prepared each and every week."

    There are a lot of young guys on this team. You are one of the seniors. How do you provide leadership to the young guys?
    "One thing is getting to know them and being their friend, not being someone that is above them. You hang out with them, eat with them. I think that is important because they are going to be more receptive to what you say if you form a relationship with them. That is something that people did for me when I was younger. And it made a big impact. And being older now, I want that same thing for the younger men. I want to be someone that they feel comfortable around and someone that they trust. But at the same time, I want to be able to give them pointers and tips because I have been in this program and know what to expect."

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