1-on-1 With Senior Zack Randolph

Mississippi State senior catcher Zack Randolph talks one-on-one with Gene's Page.

  • Name: Zack Randolph
  • Position: C
  • Class: Senior
  • HT: WT: 6-foot-1, 208
  • Bats-Throws: R-R
  • High School: Amory (MS) High School
  • Junior College: Itawamba (MS) Community College

  • You are a senior this season. How are you trying to be a leader for all of the new guys?
    "Since I came from a junior college myself, I try to talk to the junior college and let them know difference between junior college and here. Sometimes, working hard in junior college includes working on the field. But here working hard means you just have to put in extra time improving your hitting and defense. You have managers here who can pitch to you. It's easier to get extra work in because you don't have to set up. In junior college if you want to hit you have to role out the mat, get the cage out, get the balls, pick up the balls. Here we have good student-managers who help us.

    "Also, being here three years and listening to Coach Thompson talk I know the signs and patterns that he uses for his pitchers. In high school pitchers can just throw strikes and get hitters out. Here it is where we are going to throw it to get strikes and being able to locate your strikes."

    In addition to playing baseball you are also student-teaching. What grade are you teaching?
    "I'm student-teaching at Sudduth Elementary from Kindergarten to second grade. I student-teach from 7:30 to 2:45 everyday. I am pretty much a PE teacher, although I'm not getting paid. Then, I practice and do weight-lifting from 3 to about 7:30."

    How do you deal with that? The reason I ask that is because you are not just a teacher to them but you are an MSU baseball player, which means you may be an idol to some of the little boys.
    "Some of the little boys come to the game. One of the little boys said his mom told him he should come up and start singing my walk-off song. He told me that he wasn't going to sing it but she told me that it would be funny and that I would laugh. I told him to tell his mother that it would be funny."

    How has it been like student-teaching and practicing baseball?
    "It is pretty much a fulltime job student-teaching, then another fulltime job playing baseball."

    You are starting fall scrimmages later this fall. What are your thoughts about that?
    "We took eight weeks this year working out. Last year we only took four weeks. Due to that, I feel like going into the fall we are going to be a lot healthier and a lot more ready. I like the eight weeks more than the four weeks."

    What are your goals after your baseball career is over with?
    "After baseball, I want to be a baseball coach. I don't know if I want to start out in high school, junior college, or a four-year school. Since I'm not sure, I'm thinking about starting out in junior college. I want to be a junior college head coach because I want to help the players take the next step to a four-year school."

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