1-on-1 With Senior Trevor Fitts

Mississippi State senior right-handed pitcher Trevor Fitts talks one-on-one with Gene's Page.

  • Name: Trevor Fitts
  • Position: RHP
  • Class: Senior
  • HT: WT: 6-foot-2, 220
  • Bats-Throws: R-R
  • High School: Pelham (AL) High School

  • The new look Trevor Fitts. Why did you decide to cut your hair and your beard?
    "I got tired of the long hair, so I thought I would keep it short until the season comes around. There is no reason to get it too long right now."

    Was it a girlfriend thing?
    "My fiancee likes it better this way, so I guess you could say it is a little bit of that."

    When are you engaged to be married?
    "We are getting married June 27th, the weekend after Omaha (and the College World Series)."

    What is her name?
    "Abby McMillan."

    When did you ask her to marry you?
    "August 18th."

    You are one of the seniors on this team. Talk about your leadership role on the team.
    "I feel like I am supposed to help guide them to where the coaches want them to be."

    How do you help the young guys that are new to the system? Have you tried to take them under your wing and help them?
    "I can't say that I have put them under my wing because I feel like it is a collective effort. They have a lot of questions about how things are run and other things like that. I would say that guys like Myles Gentry, Will Cox, and a lot of other people have answered their questions as well as me doing it."

    You didn't pitch in a summer league this past summer. What did you do during the summer?
    "I worked out a lot, trying to get my body in good condition muscle-wise. I also worked on farm, which was pretty fun. There was a lot of manual labor in the sun."

    This is your last fall at Mississippi State. What is it like?
    "The fall is a grind, for sure. There is a lot of hard work in the weight room and also running. But it is also a great time to develop as a pitcher. One of the greatest things that the young guys don't understand is it is not about being a Fall American, as we call it. A Fall American is someone who dominates in the fall. That is not what will necessarily get you there during the spring. Jonathan Holder was terrible my freshman year. If you go by the fall he doesn't pitch his freshman year. But he goes on to be an All-American in the spring. What you do in the fall is develop and take it slow. That is hard for me because I am one of those guys who wants to be great all of the time. It is hard for me to slow down an develop, develop, develop. The fall is the time when you develop and get everything right for the spring."

    You are a senior. How do you hope to improve yourself for the spring?
    "I'm trying to make my fastball a better pitch, a pitch that I can go to more often with guys in scoring position instead of having to go to my breaking balls. I'm also trying to develop a changeup so that I can use it against the predominately lefty SEC lineup."

    What are your thoughts about the new low-seam ball?
    "We used it in summer ball, so I am used to it. I love the new ball. I feel like it creates a little more movement for pitchers. I have a flat fastball, so it gives me a little cutter, a bit more run than I would normally have. I also feel like it is great for our hitters because I think it goes 10 to 15 feet farther. I think it is a great transition, although I don't know if it is exactly what everybody is looking for. I don't think it will cause a huge change in the game."

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