Bulldog Participation List

Mississippi State used 56 players in the win over Auburn. Starters this game who did not start against Texas A&M were C Dillon Day, S Jay Hughes. They took the place of G Devon Desper and S Kendrick Market in the starting lineup.

Day was also a ‘new’ player from the previous week, as was ST Jahmere Irvin-Sills. Not playing against Auburn from the A&M game were Desper and OG Jamaal Clayborn.

Mississippi State game participation (*--started last week; Games Played-Games Started): *WR De’Runnya Wilson 6-4, CB Will Redmond 6-0, *SS Jay Hughes 6-5, *CB Jamerson Love 5-5, WR Fred Brown 6-2, *TE Malcolm Johnson 6-5, RB Nick Griffin 6-2, WR Fred Ross 6-0, *S Justin Cox 5-2, RB Brandon Holloway 6-0, S Kivon Coman 6-0, *WR Robert Johnson 6-6, *RB Josh Robinson 6-5, LB Zach Jackson 6-0, *QB Dak Prescott 6-6, WR Joe Morrow 6-0, S Deontay Evans 6-1, TE Brandon Hill 5-0, TE Gus Walley 5-0, *LB Matthew Wells 6-6,

ST Jahmere Irvin-Sills 4-0, *CB Taveze Calhoun 6-6, SS Kendrick Market 6-2, LB Deandre Ward 6-0, ST Quadry Antoine 5-0, CB Tolando Cleveland 6-0, RB Ashton Shumpert 5-0, *WR Gabe Myles 6-2, DS Winston Chapman 6-0, LB Richie Brown 6-0,

PK Evan Sobiesk 6-0, K/P Logan Cooke 2-0, *LB Beniquez Brown 6-6, LB Christian Holmes 6-0, LB Dezmond Harris 6-0, DE A.J. Jefferson 6-0, *DE Ryan Brown 6-6, DE Torrey Dale 5-0, *LB Benardrick McKinney 6-6, *OT Justin Senior 6-6,

ST Archie Muniz 6-0, *C Dillon Day 4-4, *G Ben Beckwith 5-5, *G Justin Malone 6-6, OG Kent Flowers 6-0, *OT Blaine Clausell 6-6, ST Rufus Warren 6-0, KR Jamoral Graham 5-0, TE Darrion Hutcherson 5-0, DL Nick James 6-0,

*DE Preston Smith 6-6, *DT Kaleb Eulls 6-6, *DT P.J. Jones 6-6, DE Nelson Adams 6-0, DT Chris Jones 6-0, DT Curtis Virges 6-0.

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